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Good food is one thing.
Good business is something else.

Our mission is to be the bridge between good food and good business so that your restaurant or cafe can become great. We’re passionate about our vibrant industry, which is full of interesting, talented and entrepreneurial people…people just like you.

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Whether you need advice on an employment dispute or help navigating the terms of your lease, our industry and legal experts have got your back.

Thousands of restaurants and cafes consider the Restaurant Association their secret weapon for success.

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We’re like your silent business partner - available at a moment’s notice to answer questions, offer advice or advocate on your behalf.

Weekly one-on-one mentoring sessions and a 24-hour Helpline are all part of the package.

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Peter Webster

Peter Webster

General Manager

Columbus Coffee & Columbus Coffee Mitre 10 Mega

National Franchise Head Office

The cost of the membership is less than one lawyer's letter if you were to get a personal grievance claim.

We find our relationship with the Restaurant Association to be invaluable and have been members for several years. All of our franchisees are encouraged to become members and that is now part of the setup procedure we follow with all new franchisees.

The benefits are huge with franchisees able to get great rates on banking and insurance, but of most use is the amazing support the association gives to our franchisees for HR advice. We sell the cost of the membership as less than one lawyer's letter if ever they were to get a personal grievance claim against them.

The recent Kaikoura Earthquakes showed the true value of the association as they motored into gear offering all members assistance and reaching out to non members to offer help too.”

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Navigating regulation and legislation for the hospitality industry is a minefield. We track the latest news and developments for our members.