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Good food is one thing. Good business is something else.

Our mission is to be the link between good food and good business so that your restaurant or cafe can find greatness. Since 1972, we’ve been here to help restaurants do better business. Today, we have members in every part of the country. These are serviced by 12 regional branches and a national office. We’re passionate about our vibrant industry, which is full of interesting passionate, talented and entrepreneurial people. People just like you.


Here’s how we help restaurants do better business.

You’re busy. You’re schedule is crazy. And your industry is a compliance and legislation minefield. We’re the filter that helps you get relevant information when you need it.

Answers to your tricky questions

We’re like your silent business partner – available at a moment’s notice to answer questions, offer advice or advocate on your behalf. Weekly one-on-one mentoring sessions and a 24-hour Helpline are all part of the package. Whether you need advice on an employment dispute or help navigating the terms of your lease, our industry and legal experts have got your back. Read more

Upskilling and training

Our industry is facing a huge skill shortage. Our training and education programmes help you and your staff to upskill in the areas you need most. Read more


We’re your mentor, your advocate and also your cheerleader. Our online restaurant guide, Dinefind.co.nz, and our gift voucher programme are promotional tools for members. Our Regional Hospitality Awards celebrate your success. Read more

Exclusive discounts

As a member, you get access to exclusive discounts from our partners – from banking to whiteware, insurance to phones and power, These deals could save you thousands each year. By taking advantage of our specialist services and exclusive discounts, you’ll get back your membership fee many times over. Read more

Thousands of restaurants and cafes consider the Restaurant Association their secret weapon for success. Join us to join them.

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Mike Egan

Mike Egan


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Joining the Restaurant Association is the best business decision you will make.

As a small business owner, we have to prioritise a multitude of tasks every day in order our to satisfy our customers and to also run the actual business in a professional way.

We need to have a complete understanding of the regulatory environment prescribed by local and central government. Failing to do this can have a significant economic impact on our viability.

Membership of the Restaurant Association is vital in helping us deal with all of this by keeping us up to date with new developments in “best practice” and providing vital guidance and support in all areas when needed.”