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Restaurant Association of New Zealand

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Liz Buttimore

Liz Buttimore


Arbour Restaurant


For me, the primary reason to join was the savings.

We know how to manage our food costs and how to get people through the door, but as a small, rural property, the bottom line is important. I pay back my membership with in the first two months with the low credit card commission, the power and telecom savings and the insurance packages.

I would have been a life member just for the cost savings, but now that I’m in a more rural area, the peers support network has become incredibly valuable. By ourselves, we’re not that strong, but as a group we have a really great offering to visitors and so we work together to show that Marlborough is a really strong food region.

After the earthquake in 2016, we were able to pull together and really support our members in Kaikoura. We had a helicopter on the ground on day six and we’ve pulled together some food and accommodation holiday packages for our members to get out and have a break.”