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Interested in tapping into our audience of engaged hospitality business owners?

As the leading voice for restaurants and cafes across the country, we offer a unique platform for businesses to connect with our vast network of culinary professionals and enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking to showcase a new product, promote a service, or reach a targeted audience within the hospitality sector, our diverse advertising options are tailored to meet your specific needs. Dive in to discover how partnering with the Restaurant Association can elevate your brand and drive meaningful engagement

Email Marketing

The Restaurant Association produces and distributes an eNewsletter every week to our membership database of over 2500 business owners and decision makers.

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The eNewsletter keeps Restaurant Association members and friends up-to-date on current issues and events. Banner and Insertion advertising options are available with each eNewsletter and is distributed to our entire membership base, as well as key industry contacts for a total distribution of over 3000. Once a month we distribute an eNewsletter to our wider audience of of 10,000, made up of other industry contacts.

Our eNewsletter uses a dynamic HTML format and can display images and text along with coloured backgrounds in many combinations.

Insertion: blocks allow for a 16×9 image along with a 150 word commentary/article, which may include hyperlinks and a call to action. It is possible to design this in your brand colours for maximum visual attention.

Banner: ads allow for a single image to be inserted in the newsletter that can be hyperlinked to a website, form submission or email address. Several options are available for sizing but spaces are limited per issue.

  • Advertising copy and images are due by the Thursday prior to the upcoming eNewsletter for inclusion.
  • 2 consecutive eNewsletters are included for the price.
  • Click through statistics only can be provided.

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News & Views and Savour online is the hub of news, resources and thought leadership for the hospitality industry in New Zealand. Curated by the Restaurant Association and disseminated across our online networks articles shared on the site can have upwards of 10,000 views a month.

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Advertising options on the web with RA come in several forms.

“Medium Rectangle”:

An industry standard size. this may be animated or static. A booking is made for a specific time period that you ad will appear in allocated spots around the site, in increments of 7 days. Depending on bookings your creative may be on a timed rotation.


An industry standard size of static or animated ad. A booking is made for a specific time period that you ad will appear in allocated spots around the site, in increments of 7 days. Depending on bookings you creative may be on a timed rotation.


This is an article or story supplied or co-written with RA. 1200 words max with supplied imagery or we can supply stock images.

Page Popup:

A popup ad that appears on selected pages when they are viewed. May be blocked by users ad blockers. Creative is supplied in a 16×9 format.

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Social Media

We provide social share opportunities to engage with our targeted hospitality followers through a social platform of your choice (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or combination). These opportunities are limited to two per week and can be scheduled to coincide with your own activities.

The Restaurant Association also manages several hospitality industry job groups with more than 80,000 members collectively made up of both owners and industry job seekers.

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We share your post on Facebook or Linked-In or retweet your tweet. Post content must be approved by RA.

Post from RA:

We post your content directly

  • Advertising copy and images are due by the Thursday prior to the week of the share or post.
  • Required @tags or #hashtags must be provided.
  • Click through statistics only can be provided.

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A new channel for the Restaurant Association launching in 2023. Opportunities exist to co-sponsor a podcast series, audio ad inserts, interviews and more. The Restaurant Association podcast features voices from the industry, sharing stories, advice and more.

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Ad Cart: a 20 – 30sec audio ad. Supplied by you.

Sponsored Episode: Your brand mentioned at the start of the show with a short reference to your product or services.

Interview: An exclusive episode discussing you business, service, product or product category.

Series Sponsorship: Sponsor a collection of episodes on a select topic.

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We offer a range of engaging sponsorship opportunities that will get your brand in front of our members and the wider hospo community.

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Our annual Hospo Hui conference has a strong following attracting owners/operators, leading NZ chefs and restaurateurs, producers, industry stakeholders, suppliers to the industry, valued food service clients and associated business partners attending and viewing recorded content online.

Our 12 regional hospitality awards cater directly to the region and are positive and exciting way to get your product in front of the movers and shakers in the industry.

We also have regional member briefings and our life-changing industry training programme Hospo Start along with many more opportunities.

All our events are great ways to raise the profile of your business within the hospitality industry, promote your product or service to key hospitality decision-makers, and be involved in events that celebrate our industry. If you are interested in event sponsorship please contact events@restaurantnz.co.nz


The Restaurant Association of New Zealand welcomes the opportunity to talk about partnership opportunities with you.

Partnership creates a platform for communicating & connecting to the industry through us, a trusted source, across a range of channels and via strategic projects and campaigns.

Partnerships require a firm commitment to supporting the association and its work but has many benefits. If you are interested in discussing partnerships, please get in touch.


Rate Associate Member Rate
AdvertisingOn application
Ad Cart275200
Sponsored Episode500375
Series SponsorshipOn application
Lead Sponsor$7k +
$3 – 5k
Partnership:On application
Prices all+ Gst

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