gift vouchers and cards

Getting yourself out there can be hard work. Let us give you a boost.

Designed to deliver new business to Association members, the gift voucher and gift card programmes, can be used in establishments throughout New Zealand.

With thousands of restaurants, cafes, bars and takeaways around the country signed up to accept the vouchers and cards, the Restaurant Association’s network is the largest in the country and one of ‘gift-station’s’ top-selling gift cards in New Zealand.

Vouchers and gift cards can only be used in our members’ establishments throughout New Zealand, with participating businesses promoted on

  • The two long-term programmes run alongside each other and shortly we will be introducing a digital version of the gift vouchers.
  • The Association’s gift voucher programme was successfully launched in July 2004 and the gift card programme in December 2010.
  • Annual sales for the two programmes are now in excess of $1,800,000.

Gift Vouchers

Restaurant Association gift vouchers are sold directly by the Association, through our network of corporate customers and from our dining search website

The establishment receives the full proceeds (for example if a voucher is for $100, they will receive $100). There is no commission or processing charge. It is not intended to replace your own vouchers and is another way to get customers in through your doors. A RA Gift Vouchers can only be redeemed at member establishments – that could be yours!

RA Restaurant Gift Voucher, “TAKE ME OUT” come in $20, $50 and $100 denominations.

RA Restaurant eVoucher “TAKE ME OUT” come in various denominations from $20 – $1000.

Enrolment into the gift voucher programme is automatic for all members of the Association, no set-up is required, you simply need to start accepting them via our redemption portal – How do I redeem Gift Vouchers?

Restaurant Gift Cards

Gift cards are an initiative in partnership with the Gift Station brand – sold through 3000 retail outlets around the country. They are sold in different denominations and can be recharged.

Set up to redeem through the business’ EFTPOS terminal, the establishment receives the full proceeds of the sale; there is no commission or processing charge.

Available from over 3000 retail outlets around the country including supermarkets, petrol stations and more…

Like credit or EFTPOS cards, the Restaurant Gift Card has a magstripe on its reverse. Just above the magstripe is the card number and to the right of this, there is an added security feature in the form of a PIN, under a scratch panel. The customer then uses this PIN number on the payment terminal to pay just like using a credit card – it’s that easy!

Get set up to redeem gift cards today.

If you have any queries about the Restaurant Association gift vouchers and restaurant gift cards at any time phone 0800 737 827

Dinefind – a member exclusive marketing platform is the exclusive dining directory of the Restaurant Association of New Zealand. Our members are proudly listed here to give them another avenue for attracting customers. As a large resource of dining venues, dinefind is found easily in Google search results and is linked to by many major websites.

RA Gift Vouchers can also be purchased directly from the dinefind website.

  • Members have the ability to edit their listing at any time, update information, opening times and more
  • Listings show which establishments are set up to take Restaurant Gift Cards & RA Vouchers
  • Dinefind’s search feature categorises those venues that are set up to redeem
  • Curated feature lists
  • Customers have the ability to filter by cuisine type, region and price point

If you need any more information about the Restaurant Association gift vouchers and restaurant gift cards or are interested in joining up, call us on 0800 737 827.