RA Gift Voucher Redemption Guide

Got a customer with a RA paper or eVoucher?

See below for our easy how to guide:

Step 1:

For eVouchers you can scan the QR code
or for paper vouchers go to dinefind.co.nz/redemption

Step 2:

Enter the Voucher code (if QR code was scanned, this will already be entered)

Enter your RA member id number

Hit ‘Redeem Voucher’

Step 3:

The system will ask you to confirm your business name, to make sure you have entered your membership number correctly. – you business name will be displayed as a guide.

That’s it, easy!


If you have already supplied us with your bank account we will continue to use this until you notify us otherwise. If no bank account is on record we will contact your for details.

All reimbursements are made weekly on Fridays.

Please do not accept expired vouchers, you may advise the customer to contact us for an extension if possible.

Acceptance of RA gift vocuhers is part of the associations terms and conditions, all members are automatically listed as accepting vouchers on dinefind.co.nz . If you wish not to accept them please contact us.