Trespass notice pad

Trespass notice pad


You might want someone to leave your place of work for a number of reasons. They may be committing offences such as being disorderly or simply have no right to be there.

While there is no legal requirement to give a trespass notice in writing, a written document reinforces the situation for the person given the trespass notice; they cannot say they did not know of the notice and requirement to leave and not return.

This self-carbonated triplicate pad enables a business to issue trespass notices to people whose behaviour is unacceptable. One copy is given to the offender, one to the police and one to be kept on the premises.

The notice is given pursuant to the Trespass Act 1980 and means that if the person returns within the 24 month period that the notice remains in force, they will have committed an offence.