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Covid-19 Framework changes – here’s what we know

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We are heading soon to the new Covid-19 Protection Framework. We know that you want answers now on some of the operational aspects of implementing the new framework. We are pushing hard for answers to your questions however, in the meantime, here’s what we know and some assumptions we can make.

Covid-19 Protection Framework is coming

  • Here’s an overview of the framework.
  • At RED, it appears to be similar to Level 2 (seated / separated by 1 metre / 100 people maximum), OR, Level 3 (contactless operations only) – depending on whether you’ll require customers to present their vaccination pass and whether your business is going to operate in line with the new protection framework.
  • At ORANGE it appears to be similar to Level 1 (operating without limits), OR, Level 3 (contactless operations) – depending on as above.
  • At GREEN (this is likely to be next year) it appears to be similar to Level 1 (operating without limits), OR, Level 2 (seated / separated by 1 metre / 100 people maximum) – depending on as above.
  • These existing documents will be helpful (new RED guidelines are currently being finalised):

Timing for move to new Framework

  • On 29 November, cabinet will review and announce the date. It is likely to be around 1 December.
  • At that time, Auckland is to move to RED.
  • At that time, the rest of the country will also start to move to the new Framework.
    • Those regions with lower vaccinations will move to RED.
    • Regions will higher vaccination levels may move straight to ORANGE.
  • Vaccination levels for a region are the key determining factor to which level the region will go to.

Vaccination mandates – workers

Vaccination requirements – customers

  • Business operating with lower restrictions will need customers to show Covid-19 Vaccination Passes.
  • Customers can now apply for their Covid-19 vaccination pass (called My Vaccine Pass), here.
  • Business can download a free App – expected to be available from the week of 22 November – which they will use to verify a customer’s Vaccination Pass.
  • Using the Ministry of Health App, businesses will need a phone or tablet to enable them to scan a QR code on the customers Vaccination Pass.
  • These documents/webinars will help you in your planning for managing customers:

Timing for vaccination mandates

  • Legislation is being finalised – expected to be confirmed week of 22 November.

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