Covid-19: Vaccinations, new Employees, Health and Safety Risk Assessment Framework

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Covid-19: Vaccinations, new Employees, Health and Safety Risk Assessment Framework

Several of our members have been asking about the recently announced mandatory vaccinations for employees.

We are still waiting for further details on the timing of the legislation, the framework and clarity on how this will work from a practical perspective for our sector.  It is clear that the measures will include a “clearer and simplified risk assessment process for employers to follow when deciding whether they can require vaccination for different types of work”, building on guidance already provided by Worksafe.

The Government has said that these changes will be made with urgency, but as we have seen with recent amendments to the vaccination Public Health Order, it may take some time before these measures are in place.

This Guide includes a Covid-19 health and safety risk template; information to include in any letters of offer to new employees; a clause to insert into employment agreements for new employees; and an updated employment application form.

While we wait for new legislation around mandatory vaccination, the Association recommends that the health and safety risk assessment process is started. The Government has said that its new measure won’t override risk assessments that businesses have already done under the existing health and safety guidelines.   Starting the assessment now will allow sufficient time to consult with your existing workers and determine whether vaccinations should be required in your workplace.  Your risk assessment will also assist in determining whether vaccination status should be a condition of employment for new staff.

In the meantime, you can also continue to encourage all your staff to be vaccinated by directing them to reliable sources of information about the vaccination.


Please Click Below to view our Guide to Health and Safety Risk Assessment and Hiring New Employees

You can also find our updated Guide and Application form here

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