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Have You Registered for the Food Act?

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It’s the final countdown for existing businesses that make, sell and/or transport food to meet the 28 February 2019 Food Act registration deadline.

New Zealand Food Safety, local councils, and industry organisations have been working hard to help all food businesses meet the deadline for registration. This includes supporting businesses in the apiculture, transport, horticulture, food retail, food manufacturing, and grain processing sectors, plus brewers, distillers, manufacturers of vinegar, alcoholic beverages or malt extract.

Registration takes time so be sure to register now to meet the 28 February 2019 deadline.

If existing food businesses are not registered by the 28 February deadline, they will be operating unregistered businesses, and MPI and local councils may need to take enforcement action. So, immediate action needs to be taken to get registered.

If businesses want to find out what rules they need to follow and how they can register, they can use the online tool Where Do I Fit? as a starting point. For any new businesses, it’s never too late to register.

If you need further assistance, members can contact us today at 0800 737 827.

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