Hospitality Springboard programme

The Springboard programme is a platform that gives members of the Association a jump-start towards training and retaining your team.

Springboard delivers benefits for both the employer and employees, through subsidised wages, skill development and support services. The underlying objective of the programme is to help bridge the skills shortage gap, and works towards creating a resilient, capable domestic workforce to help ensure a sustainable hospitality industry.

How does the programme work?

The programme was conceptualised by the Restaurant Association and co-designed with MSD to help operators stay the distance through the Covid recovery phase and beyond. The programme is built on a flexible training model that is designed, and delivered, by the Restaurant Association.

Our programme provides wellbeing support, wage supplements and wrap-around online training for employees. Training costs are included and a wage supplement is provided for up to 10 hours a week. to help pay employee wages while they are training.

Who can do the Springboard training?

We have 160 employee placements currently available,  80 on each ‘tier’. Contact us for details of the next 13-week programme (Tier 1) and the 26-week programme(Tier 2).

What training is available?

The 13-week programme– aimed at those who are starting out their career in hospo –up to 1 year mark has the option of participating in the Licence Controller Qualification (Stream A) or Food Safety qualification (Stream B) along with a number of sharp, informative and practical webinars covering essential customer service skills to arm your employee with the tools they need for delivering exceptional service.

Our 26- week programme- aimed at a senior member of the team provides manager development. On this course, we cover 26 weeks of management level webinars, delivered by the Association. These webinars are designed to educate and empower your manager, covering everything from managing staff, wellbeing in the workplace, food costing, business financials and insight to understanding legal obligations in the workplace. 

13-week: Tier 1 courses
  • Licence Controller Qualification or
  • Food Safety Qualification
  • Comprehensive package of customer service skills webinars

Tier one funding provided

  • Three months wage contribution of 10 hours per week, paid at minimum wage.
  • Formal training costs covered to help you onboard new staff, and to get them up to speed.
  • Total training package value $3300
26-week: Tier 2 courses
  • Management development training designed and delivered by the Restaurant Association
  • Two professional development webinars delivered each week for 26 weeks
  • Follow up tasks to implement in the business to support the learning

Tier two funding provided

  • Six months of wage contribution of 10 hours per week, paid at minimum wage.
  • Formal training course costs covered for comprehensive management training.
  • Total training package value $6600

Eligibility criteria

Members are invited to register their interest in taking part of the Hospitality Springboard programme.

To register your interest, your business must:

  1. Hold a current Restaurant Association membership.
  2. Ensure the employee that you nominate for funded training is a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.
  3. Provide a minimum of 20 hours employment per week for the nominated employee (current or prospective).
  4. Supplement formal training with on-the-job training for the duration of the support package.
  5. Aim to retain the employee once the support package concludes.