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RA launches eVouchers

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Starting 11 May 2022, the Restaurant Association will start selling to the public our ever-popular RA Gift Voucher with the option to purchase in a new eVoucher format.

This evolution of the voucher programme will expand our reach with the vouchers and increase benefits for members as these vouchers are only redeemable at participating member venues.

In 2021, sales through our Voucher and Restaurant Gift Card programme reached over $2 million thanks to support from the dining public and helped by media awareness and expanded marketing campaigns. This is the highest annual sales yet achieved and every dollar ended up in member pockets! If you’re not already set up to take our Gift Vouchers or Restaurant Gift Cards, stop missing out, find more info here.


Restaurant Association eVouchers will become available for purchase through the website. The new eVouchers will appeal to different groups and will remove the need for physical vouchers to be physically sent to customers. However, the paper ‘take me out’ vouchers will still be an option available for those who would prefer to have something physical to gift.

Online redemption portal

Along with the launch of the eVouchers, a new online redemption portal has been designed for ease of use during customer payment. With the use of QR codes and a quick verification process accepting and redeeming the eVouchers and our original paper Vouchers is easy. You can find out more about the redemption process here.


What about the Restaurant Gift Card programme, the plastic cards?

This programme is still going strong, and our gift cards are among the top gift cards sold through the gift station platforms in New Zealand. If you’re not set up to redeem the gift cards through your eftpos terminal, you can easily do so here. Our gift card programme is fee-free – just like our vouchers. 100 per cent of the value goes to you and can easily sit alongside your own voucher programme.

Find out more about the Association’s gift voucher and gift card programmes at

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