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Introducing the new Hospitality Workers Support service – Tautoko Hāpai Ō

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This week we launch a new worker support service named Tautoko Hāpai Ō.

The new service will ensure hospitality workers are able to access support, the latest resources and employment opportunities.

It also aims to ensure those who are displaced, can get sector-specific guidance to help them reattach to employment within hospitality.

We believe that it’s vitally important that workers within the hospitality sector, including apprentices and casual workers, don’t get left behind during the tail-end impact of COVID-19. During COVID-19 lockdown, we received a surge in calls from workers and non-members needing urgent assistance which put a huge strain on our resources.

Our organization has been working with business owners for 25 years but we’ve never before been able to offer assistance to non-members who are employed within the industry. We know how important it is to be able to support all of those working within the industry so we’re really pleased to be able to extend the reach of our services

Tautoko Hāpai Ō establishes support for hospitality workers via an online resource portal including region-based job opportunity boards through Facebook along with a displaced apprenticeship redeployment scheme.

Ten job boards have been set up for regions around the country via Facebook connecting business owners with job opportunities with respective recruits.

The online portal offers resources including how to build a stand out cv along with employment advice.

The new service has been made possible with funding from the COVID-19 Workers and Workplaces Assistance Fund.

For more information on Tautoko Hāpai Ō click here.

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