Hospitality Workers Support initiative

Kia ora, nau mai! 

Welcome to the home of Tautoko Hāpai Ō – the Restaurant Association’s Hospitality Workers Support Initiative.

There would be no hospitality sector without our teams. Our workers (kaimahi) make services run smoothly, keep kitchens stocked, problem solve at a moments notice and create lifelong memories for patrons: workers are an integral part of all hospitality operations.

They are our baristas, waiters, café managers, front-of-house staff, chefs, dish hands, bartenders and our doorhands. Hospitality workers are in the business of service, so Tautoko Hāpai Ō has been designed to serve the worker.

If you are a hospitality worker looking for support you have come to the right place.

The kōrero behind the name of our initiative:

Tautoko – means to support, while it can be monetary it doesn’t have to be
Hāpai Ō – the Hāpai Ō were the people in a travelling party who carried the food (they provided and protected the sustenance so were very important!)
Ō – is another word for kai (food)
Hāpai – also means to carry

So the essence of Tautoko Hāpai Ō is support for hospitality workers.

What support can we provide?

Tautoko Hāpai Ō – the Hospitality Workers Support Initiative ensures all hospitality workers have immediate access to support, resources, employment opportunities, and assistance for those at risk of being displaced from the sector following COVID-19.

You will find the following provisions on this page:

  • a support system for Restaurant Association member hospitality workers
  • our downloadable resources
  • information on our displaced apprenticeship redeployment scheme
  • access to our online regional Job Boards.

To access Tautoko Hāpai Ō – Hospitality Workers Support for yourself, or on behalf of your team members, or to find out more, please use the signup form, by clicking on the button below- or call the Restaurant Association on: 0800 737 827 to speak to the Hospo Support Manager.

Employee resources

– The following resources below have been specifically developed for hospitality employees. New resources are being added regularly so check back in for updates! – to access them please signup and access information will be sent to you via email.

Job Seeking
  • Guide to writing a kick-arse hospitality CV and cover letter [Available in Te Reo]
  • CV example (hospitality-specific)
  • CV Template (hospitality-specific)editable word document [Available in Te Reo]
  • A step by step guide to refreshing your hospitality CV
  • Social media – it matters!

Employment Advice
  • Serving up a stellar interview [Available in Te Reo]
  • How to negotiate comfortably and confidently with your employer
  • Uniforms and personal grooming guide
  • Directory of useful agencies
  • What makes you an excellent employee?
Health & Wellness
  • Key matters of self-care when working in hospitality [Available in Te Reo]
  • Tips and tricks to shift wellness
  • Guide to improving mental wellness and wellbeing

Displaced workers scheme
  • What next? Advice for the displaced workers

Job Boards

Looking for your next challenge in hospitality? Check out the job boards managed by the Association to view available jobs and post your own CV:

A mihi to our funder – Tautoko Hāpai Ō has been developed with funding assistance from the COVID-19 Workers and Workplaces Assistance Fund, which is part of the Government’s wider COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund. Find out more about the fund here.