I don’t understand the voucher programme, should I accept Restaurant Association Vouchers?

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Designed to deliver new business to Association members, annual sales for this programme, along with the Restaurant Gift Card programme, is in excess of $1 million dollars. So make sure you are not missing out!

Restaurant Association gift vouchers and gift cards can only be used in our members’ establishments throughout New Zealand, with participating businesses promoted on www.dinefind.co.nz (our online dining guide).

If you are a part of the programme you do not need to sell the vouchers – they are sold through an online secure ordering facility on www.dinefind.co.nz.

If someone wants to use a voucher at your business we simply ask that you accept them. A Restaurant Association gift voucher has the same value to you as cash. You receive the full proceeds (eg, if a voucher is for $100, you will receive $100). There is no commission or processing charge – the Restaurant Association has absorbed all of these costs to enable our members to benefit completely from the initiatives.

For redemption –  simply send it back to us, or scan and email it back to us, with your bank account details and we direct credit you for the FULL amount of the voucher. Payments for the gift vouchers are made every Friday.

Simply email us on info@restaurantnz.co.nz or call – (09) 638 8403 if you would like to join the gift vocuher programe, if you wish to discuss further. For more info check out the gift voucher and restaurant gift card survival guide.