Online snapshot survey: feedback on Wellington’s Golden Mile proposals

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This poll was conducted June 2021.

Changes have been proposed for the Let’s Get Wellington Moving (LGWM) project – which is looking to transform Wellington’s Golden Mile (from Lambton Quay to Courtenay Place) by reducing the number of vehicles in the area and creating more pedestrian spaces, bus lanes and dedicated bike areas. After public consultation it has been decided to move forward with the “Transform” proposal. Further details of the proposal can be found here .

This survey sought to hear feedback on the changes and whether members consider there will impact (positive or negative) on their business.


“Biggest concerns are shelter for the increased pedestrian area due to Wellingtons wind and general climate. And deliveries, we struggle to get people not to deliver between 12 & 2 so trying to get all deliveries before a certain time of day will mean slower availability of products.”

“I do think better cycle and pedestrian access to the shopping areas would be beneficial, however, the rest of the city’s infrastructure such as trains, buses, park and ride and car parking buildings are no where near good enough to cope with the strain that will be caused.”

Online snapshot survey: Feedback on Golden Mile proposal

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