Hospitality Springboard programme

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The Springboard programme is a platform that gives members of the Association a jump-start towards training and retaining your team.

Springboard delivers benefits for both the employer and employees, skill development and support services. The underlying objective of the programme is to help bridge the skills shortage gap, and works towards creating a resilient, capable domestic workforce to help ensure a sustainable hospitality industry.

How does the programme work?

The programme was originally conceptualised by the Restaurant Association and co-designed with MSD to help operators stay the distance through the Covid recovery phase, and now, beyond this time. The programme is built on a flexible training model that is designed, and delivered, by the Restaurant Association.

Our programme provides online training for employees. Training costs are included and there is no cost to the employer.

Who can do the Springboard training?

In 2024 there is an opportunity for Restaurant Association members in Coromandel/Thames to take part in a new training programme.

What training is available?

We have two offers of training available commencing in March 2024:

  • Tier1 – 8 week programme for entry level staff (working in hospitality for one year or less)
  • Tier2 – 16 week programme for Mid/senior level participants wanting to upskill into management roles

Each programme will consist of 1-2 weekly webinars that are delivered online with the option of completing either the Licence Controller Qualification (Unit standards 4646 and 16705) OR (Food safety unit 20666), we deliver the webinars online for this content and there is also an online assessment for this part of the course.

Our programme is delivered via the google classroom platform so employees will need access to a computer/Laptop or iPad.

Eligibility criteria

Members are invited to register their interest in taking part of the Hospitality Springboard programme.

To register your interest, your business must:

  1. Hold a current Restaurant Association membership.
  2. Ensure the employee that you nominate for funded training is a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident and working on at least the adult minimum wage.

Interested? Register your interest here.

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