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Availability of 90-day trials extended

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The Government has passed the Employment Relations (Trial Periods) Amendment Bill in Parliament on 21 December 2023. T

“Extending the availability of 90-day trials is a commitment of the National-ACT coalition agreement, it is something we campaigned on, and it is a priority of our government’s 100-day plan,”  

Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Brooke van Velden

The reinstatement of 90 day trial periods was part of our Election Manifesto for the 20223 election so we are happy that this has been made a reality. This now means that business with more than 20 employees can make use of the condition in contracts.

It is still important however to follow best practice employment law and get in contact with our helpline, RA provided contracts have been updated to reflect this change.

Full press release is available here

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