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HiT30 Training Challenge back for 2022

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Our HiT30 programme has been designed to get your teams focused on training and make it a bit more fun and exciting.

Starting in August you and your teams can take part in the Hit30 challenge. Hit30 is another tool you can use to help with staff retention. We have created this programme to support you as we know you don’t have a lot of spare time at the moment. We’ve taken care of a whole lot of planning around training and created a fun month-long programme that the whole team can get involved in.

30-days of training, 30-minute sessions

The goal of the challenge is to get as many items from the chart checked off in the month of August. For those that are really keen, we even have some certificates you can give out to your staff that get involved. Our HiT30 training resources are here to help you. You’ll find:

  • training charts,
  • training resources,
  • achievement certificates,
  • access to webinars
  • online Personality Test and much more

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