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Westpac Managing Your Money financial wellbeing webinars

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Everyone can use a little extra help when it comes to reaching their money goals.

Westpac’s Managing Your Money programme joins us to offer their engaging, practical and interactive financial wellbeing programme to help you feel more confident when it comes to making decisions about your money.

You are invited to join the Westpac team for their two upcoming online classes. 

Session One:
Tuesday, 23 November. 11-11:45am
Spending and budgeting

In this free online class you’ll learn some of the basics of spending consciously, and creating sticky budgets that make a difference.
Click here to register.

Session Two:
Thursday, 25 November. 11-11:45am
Setting financial New Year resolutions

With the holiday season on its way, setting New Year resolutions before December 31st might seem a little strange. But being able to start the next year off with well considered financial goals may be a great step for getting some smart money habits under your belt.

Join this free online class where you’ll learn why and how establishing a clear and concise financial goal will help you get a step ahead.
Click here to register.

To access Microsoft Teams please review these How To’s: Joining a Teams call – DESKTOP and  Joining a Teams call – MOBILE.

The Managing Your Money team offer these classes as general information only and do not talk about Westpac products and services.  If you need personalised advice, email they’ll find the right person to help. 

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