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“Hands Up For Hospo” – Charity Auctions for hospo launched

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Without a doubt, lockdowns are challenging for everyone, but the hardest hit is the hospitality industry. The continued restrictions and lockdowns have taken their toll on the people who make our hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes places of fun, friendship and community. Hope for the survival of many hospitality businesses depends on help, from Government and within the hospitality sector itself.

The Restaurant Association is supporting Stoddart NZ and Restaurant & Cafe magazine, who have created an online auction called Hands Up 4 Hospo. Check out the latest auctions here.

The auction will run on TradeMe over the coming weeks, with proceeds going to hospitality businesses through an online application process. With an array of items donated by a cross-section of New Zealand businesses, the willingness to give has been a ray of hope in an otherwise dire situation.

Led by Stoddart NZ, who are putting all their efforts behind the Hands Up 4 Hospo Auction. Supported by fantastic suppliers who have stepped up to get in behind the project, and some exciting, innovative, and unique donated items are up for auction.

A little donation from many means that collectively we can help hospo keep the lights on.
“Over the past eighteen months, our team have fielded many calls from suppliers asking how they could help business owners. Those hardest hit in terms of revenue losses caused by lockdowns,” said Tania Walters, publisher of Restaurant & Cafe magazine.

“Stoddart NZ have stepped up to support the project, and it is with their backing and resources that we have been able to get this project off the ground,” said Walters.

Suppliers from across New Zealand, also impacted by the lockdowns, have generously given items for the auction to help raise funds.

“This project is a collaboration of Kiwi businesses, those who acknowledge how big the struggle is for small business owners,” said Adrian Dixon, Country Manager of Stoddart NZ.

The Hands Up 4 Hospo auction is where consumers and businesses, both within the hospo sector and outside, can show their support by donating or bidding on an item. The funds from the auction are paid out on a share basis to hospitality businesses through an online application system managed by a panel of industry representatives from Stoddart NZ and Restaurant & Cafe magazine.

“We don’t know how much money we can raise, but even paying a power account for an operator at this stage would help,”

Adrian Dixon – Stoddart NZ

If you would like to take part or apply for assistance head to

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