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OneMusic Covid-19 Discount

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OneMusic understands the challenges of COVID-19. When you were not able to operate or trade due to the national lockdown your OneMusic account was put on hold.

As business returns, OneMusic will start to take accounts off hold with a discount applied.

To reflect the recent national lockdown, OneMusic are applying 6.5% discount for existing licence holders based outside of Auckland. For Northland, due to the second lockdown, the discount applied will be 8.5%.

For Auckland and Waikato businesses, your account remains on hold and the appropriate discount will be applied to reflect your extended lockdown.

OneMusic will be in touch (if they haven’t already) with more information.

What about live music, DJs and/or karaoke?

The OneMusic discount is applied to the annual Background Music fee, while your live music, DJs and/or Karaoke is based on a per day fee. When the time comes, OneMusic will send your Music Review to confirm your numbers. It’s a good idea to keep an accurate record of the number of days you had Live Music, DJs and/or Karaoke to make it easy when the times comes to review. Click here to find out more and download the Music Review template.

When you hear about music royalties, that’s what OneMusic do.

OneMusic is a joint licensing initiative between APRA AMCOS and Recorded Music NZ. Music creators are businesses too and granting permission (your OneMusic licence) to play what they’ve created is one of the ways they earn an income.

Research shows music is good for business and that getting the music right can add to your bottom line, strengthen your brand, improve productivity, and increase the chances of customers recommending your business.

For more information about this discount visit the OneMusic website.

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