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Auckland Council makes changes to recognise challenges

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After pressure from the Restaurant Association, Auckland Council will now be extending all Street Trading Licences, fast-tracking new outdoor dining applications and making other changes to recognise the challenges Auckland’s hospitality sector is facing.

The support is being extended while the region remains in a restricted environment. Auckland Council say that they recognise the challenges facing our sector and will do whatever they can within the rules to help.

Extending street trading licence expiries

Existing and new food-only outdoor licences will be extended without cost. This will cover the timeframe equivalent to the time that the trading restrictions at Alert Levels 4, 3 and 2 are in place.

Using outdoor space

As customers are not permitted to enter cafes, restaurants and takeaways at Level 3, businesses are encouraged to set up their contactless pick-up outside the front of their premises. Auckland Council say:

  • Try to stay within 60cm of the shopfront to allow enough space on the pavement for people to safely pass.
  • Take a sensible approach so that areas around the premises remain safe for both customers and the general public.
  • No street trading licence will be required for using the area in front of the business for contactless pick-ups.

The Council say they will also take a pragmatic approach to bars, cafes and restaurants using more space than normal to allow for increased distancing between tables during Alert Level 2.

  • Businesses should also ensure there are no obstructions that would prevent an emergency response, including:
    • Ensuring spaces around premises are kept clear of any hazards that may cause trips or other harm to customers or members of the public
    • Making regular checks to ensure that all pedestrians, including those using mobility devices or prams, can easily move through the area and are not impeded by furniture or shop displays
    • Being aware of any obstructions or groupings of people that may prevent an emergency response.
  • Where complaints are received from members of the public or property owners about unsafe practices, the Council will respond accordingly.

A significant constraint on what can be done with outdoor dining is imposed by the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act so businesses with licensed outdoor dining areas are reminded to check their alcohol licence before extending the footprint of their outdoor dining space.

Fast tracking outdoor dining applications

To help businesses make use of outdoor space, if they are not already doing so, Auckland Council and Auckland Transport are committed to fast-tracking new licences and extensions to food-only outdoor dining applications during Alert Level 2.

Applications can be submitted online here. Auckland Council will facilitate the applications to the various agencies.

New alcohol licences or variations can be made by emailing:

New street trading licences or extension of an existing licence, please apply online here. For queries, please email:

Customers can continue to access many Auckland Council services relating to the hospitality sector online at: or by phone on 09 301 0101.

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