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We’re continuing to campaign to introduce workable solutions to skill shortages. This collective action is calling for a Reset of the dialogue on immigration and our staffing challenges. Find out more at

Our Next steps

On 6th July, 2021 we are planning a “Lights Out” at either 7.00pm or 11.30am (for daytime businesses). We encourage your business to take part!

Why a “Lights Out”?

The planned “lights out” on 6th July is a part of the 2-month campaign – a point to raise awareness and educate customers on the degree of impact the skill shortages are having and generate public support. It’s a point in time when we will pause service, highlighting what it would be like without our staff, and without our businesses, if we are forced to close due to our staffing challenges.

This time has been chosen as a busy service time, when you are more likely to have fuller dining spaces, for greater impact.

What exactly do you mean by “Lights Out”?

For 2 minutes, from 7.00pm – 7.02pm, or, 11.30am – 11.32am on 6th July:

  • stop service.
  • turn off lights (make sure you are maintaining health & safety requirements).
  • turn off music.
  • take the opportunity to talk to your customers – educate them about the shortage and how it affects them.

I’m in – how do I sign up to be part of the “Lights out” and what’s next?

That’s great!

  • Sign up to be part of the “Lights Out” on 6th July here.
  • Download the campaign material below, including table talkers and social tiles for you to post.
  • Spread the word to let your customers know you support the campaign and will be participating in the lights out.
  • Stay up to date at
  • Download our Health & Safety Tips for the event here.

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