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Getting your workplace ready for the vaccination rollout

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Restaurant Association Vaccine Policy and Guide Released.

As the Government rolls out its COvid-19 vaccination programme across New Zealand it is worth considering having a vaccination policy in place. As part of this, you may wish to start engaging with your employees early and constructively when considering vaccination issues in the workplace.

Employers are not able to compel employees to be vaccinated, and it may very well be that employees refuse to receive a vaccination for a variety of personal reasons. However, you can strongly encourage workers to be vaccinated for health and safety reasons. If an employer can make it easy and positive for employees, then employees are much more likely to agree to the vaccination.

More information about the Vaccine in New Zealand

The Vaccination rollout timeline – when are you eligible?

Below is our Vaccinations Draft Policy and Guide. This includes a template email and a draft policy that you can use in your workplace.

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