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Updates made to Under / Over supply lists

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Last year the Government made some changes to the Skills Match Report process in light of the challenges presented by COVID-19, introducing a list of occupations and regions with oversupply or undersupply of jobseekers.

They have made some updates to the lists following a quarterly review of where the labour shortages are in New Zealand. Further information on the current over and under supply lists is available here.

From 16 April 2021, Immigration New Zealand will use the updated lists to assess Essential Skills work visa applications that are paid below the median wage (currently $25.50 an hour) regardless of the date the application was submitted. 

If the role you’re filling is:

  • oversupplied, Work and Income will not issue a Skills Match Report. If you want to hire a migrant, you can still submit a work visa application to Immigration New Zealand to be considered but without a Skills Match Report it will be very difficult to hire a migrant worker under these circumstances.
  • undersupplied in your region, you will not need to get a Skills Match Report to support a work visa application.

We need to point out that the following roles are on the oversupply list for all regions (except Queenstown Lakes and Mackenzie Districts), meaning you will not receive a Skills Match Report for these roles if the person is to be paid below the national median wage:

  • Cafe worker (431211)
  • Fast food cook (851111)
  • Kitchenhand (851311)

In Queenstown Lakes and Mackenzie Districts the following roles are on the undersupply list (meaning you do not need a Skills Match Report):

Both Districts:

  • 351311 – Executive Chef, Head Chefs, Sous Chefs, Chef de Partie, Commis Chef
  • 351411 – Cook
  • 431111/ 431511 – Restaurant supervisor
  • 851299 – Food trades assistant
  • 851111 – Fast food cook
  • 851311 – Kitchenhand

MacKenzie District only:

  • 431211 – Cafe Worker
  • 431511 – Waiter
  • 431111 – Bartender
  • 431112 – Barista
  • 851299 – Butchery assistant
  • 851211 – Bakery assistant

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