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Government confirms Alert Level 2 for Auckland and Alert Level 1 for rest of the country

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The Government have reviewed the latest alert level settings for the country and announced the following changes:

  • Auckland will move to alert level 2 (from 2.5) at 11.59pm on Wednesday 23rd September and
  • The rest of the country moves to alert level 1 from 11.59pm on Monday 21st September.

The Government had already agreed in principle to move New Zealand down to alert level 1 and Auckland to alert level 2 with eased restrictions on gatherings but made the final decision today.

We have been hopeful of getting back to alert level 1 as soon as is feasibly possible for the whole country and while we are pleased there have been no changes to the Rest of the country moving to Level 1, we are disappointed that Auckland remains in the restrictive environment of level 2 for at least 2 more weeks. If members need support or advice through this time please get in touch with the Association helpline on 0800 737 827.


Auckland will move to level 2 on Wednesday 23rd September at 11.59pm.

That will mean gatherings of up to 100 people will be permitted and the requirement to have groups of no more than 10 per booking is removed for hospitality businesses.

The requirements to maintain the 3 S’s – seated, separated, single server – remain in place for Auckland.

  1. Seated: Everyone in your venue must be seated at a table when consuming food and drink on the premises – other than when:

(i) entering, using a toilet or bathroom, paying, or departing; or

(ii) ordering or collecting food and drink (for businesses without an alcohol licence only)

  1. Separated:  Physical distancing of 1 metre must be maintained in a controlled environment, like a restaurant, café, or bar. The layout of the premises will need to be configured to maintain the distancing between tables and/or between groups.
  2. Single Server: Only one staff member should be providing the service to all customers in a zone/section, to the greatest extent practicable – that staff member should be the order taker, food and beverage runner, table clearer. A server can have more than one table, but each table should only have one server. Where it is not practicable to use a single server (for example when staff are taking a break), you will need to address how you will manage this risk another way.

Until the changes come into force, Auckland remains at level 2.5, with gatherings capped at 10 people except for funerals and tangihanga which are allowed 50.

In Auckland, face coverings will still be required on public transport and on planes to, from or through Auckland.

Rest of New Zealand:

The rest of New Zealand will move to alert level 1 at 11.59pm on Monday 21st September at 11.59pm.

At level 1, hospitality businesses are no longer restricted by the 3 S’s.

Face coverings will no longer be mandatory outside of Auckland but will be encouraged on planes and public transport.

Next review of Alert Levels:

The Government will next review the Alert Levels on Monday, October 5. At this point Government may make the decision for Auckland to move to Alert level 1 at 11.59pm on Wednesday October 7.

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