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25% discount for OneMusic customers impacted by COVID-19

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If you’re an existing OneMusic customer and you closed for any length of time because of COVID-19 during the national lockdown, OneMusic are giving you a 25% discount on your background music licence fees. This is a 90-day discount, regardless of how long you were closed.

There’s nothing you need to do – if you’re a OneMusic customer, they will be in touch (if they haven’t already) with more information about the discount. Alongside the discount, they’re also offering payment plans to all businesses that need them.

What about live Music, DJ’s and/or Karaoke?

The discount applies to your background music fees. If you also have featured music (live, DJs and/or karaoke) included on your OneMusic account, you will also get an opportunity to review your featured music use. Reviewing your featured music will ensure that you only report for the days that you had live, DJs and/or karaoke.

What period does the discount apply to?

The discount will be applied to the period over which the national lockdown fell, and a credit will generate on your account.

Let’s keep the music playing

The licence fees you pay are paid to the people that write, record and invest in music – through holding a licence you’re contributing to the sustainability and growth of the music industry.

The music industry contributes around $730 million to New Zealand’s GDP, and employs more than 3,000 people. As a result of COVID-19, songwriters, performing artists, managers, venues, crew, production suppliers and everyone in the music eco-system have experienced dramatic losses.

We’re all in this together. It’s OneMusic’s hope that the discount makes things a little easier for hospitality businesses at this challenging time.

For more information about the OneMusic COVID-19 discount visit the OneMusic website.

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