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Helpful services during COVID-19 crisis

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Here is a list of B2B services that have offerings to help support the hospitality industry through the COVID-19 crisis. There are some amazing and generous offers from so many businesses, if you have a service you would like to include here, please contact us. This list will be updated regularly, check back for more.

Please note that under normal circumstances we would review at verify the quality of the services that we share, however we have not had the ability to review all services below. We’ve highlighted our Partners and Members, others are businesses that have kindly shared their information with us, and we’ve shared it here to help you source a service that’s right for you and your business.

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Contactless Services
Contactless Registers
Websites & Marketing
Car Hire for Self Delivery

Packaging, Suppliers & PPE Gear
Photography & Food Styling
COVID-19 Sanitisation / Cleaning & Self Accreditation
Signage & Printing
Interior Design
Health & Wellness


Restaurant Hub – RA Partner

Any restaurant using Eveve (our real time restaurant boking system) is listed on Restaurant Hub free of charge. This automatically gives our partner restaurants access to a range of special benefits.

More info

Eveve TMS – is NZ’s most popular restaurant booking and table management software

Click & Collect – Online Food ordering and delivery software and payments

Restaurant Hub Connect (RHC) Marketing – Is NZ’s biggest restaurant marketing partner network and bookings engine – In 2019 the Restaurant Hub network delivered close to 2,400,000 diners into New Zealand restaurants – from your local eatery, pubs, bistros to fine dining.  RHC partner sites incl: TripAdvisor, NZ Herald, EventFInda, Tourism NZ, Viva, Cuisine, NZME regional Newspapers and many more

Eveve Booking System Set Up & Training Costs: FREE – Eveve booking System + Restaurant Hub Marketing Partner Network and Bookings Engine

Marketing & Booking Engine: Restaurant Hub NZ’s Largest Restaurant Marketing Partner Network & Booking Engine. 2.4m diners in 2019. Partners incl TripAdvisor, NZ Herald, Cuisine, EventFinda  

Marketing Social & Search – Direct Google Bookings interface, Insta and Facebook  

Marketing Guest Database: Inbuilt guest database. GDPR and Not shared with any third party

Eveve Booking System Software Fees: Two choices: 1) Pay as you earn $1.50 per diner up to monthly CAP at $159 – Restaurants pay for online bookings only as and when they are delivered. All other software and marketing services are free! 2)  Fixed Monthly fee – $129 per month, incl Software, marketing and unlimited bookings via: Google, Bing, Yahoo. Facebook, Insta, Restaurant Site

Payments: Stripe

Payment Solution Costs: No Charge when a Table Booking (99% of the time) C/C is held against table booking like a hotel booking. Otherwise Stripe charge 2.9%

Online Food Ordering: We partner with Mobi2Go for what we call: CLICK & COLLECT or CLICK & DELIVER, self-delivery. Orders are paid for in advance and in your bank a/c 2-3 days

Food Ordering Software & C/C Payments Costs: 5% includes both Online ordering system & Stripe merchant C/C fees. (Min $39pm) plus one off set up fee / POS integration available.


More than 800 existing Menulog partners can take advantage of the half commission offer, with the support initiative also open to new restaurant partners that may need Menulog’s Contact-Free Collection and Delivery services to help them meet the requirements of an Alert Level 3 situation. Menulog will also continue to waive all sign up fees, which it announced prior to Level 4 restrictions in March, so that there is no additional cost for restaurants to take advantage of Menulog services.

Extraorder – RA Member

No sign up costs, 25% off the 2% gateway fees. Track and trace ability (no delivery).

More info

Track & Trace option: Yes

 Software integration partners: Tevalis/Swiftpos/Doshii 

 Payment: Stripe 2.9% + 30c a transaction

 Marketing integration: Facebook & Google analytics

 Database: Not shared with a third party

Eat Local NZ – RA Member

No sign up costs, 5% + $0.30 for online orders to the consumer, delivery service available

More info

Delivery partner: New Start-up by the Co-founders of Zoomy

Delivery costs:  TBC – expected to be $10 per delivery if using our partner, otherwise $0 – venue decides how much to charge customer.

Track & Trace option: Yes 

Software integration partners:  Human Digital, Shopify, Squareup, and Custom

Payment: Our platform includes credit card, apple pay, google pay, PayPal, and shopify we can also offer POS.

Payment solution costs:  All included in 5% other than leasing/purchase of POS hardware. (if required) 

Marketing integration:  Inbuilt solution:  “Local Legends Network” = Kiwis who have lost jobs/income help us sign up venues and we split the net fee pf 2% with them 50/50. Facebook + Instagram + Twitter + LinkedIn + SEO & Google analytics

Database: Not shared with a third party.  Customer information is visible to all Venues using our platform

We can sell Vouchers now which can be redeemed online or instore later – cashflow assistance

More info on Venue Benefit and Fees at https://eatlocalnz.com/blogs/venue-guides/venue-benefits-fees

posBoss – RA Member

No sign up costs, software fees: $29+gst per month for the posBoss ‘Small’ plan and Regulr mobile app (discounted for the period of lockdown and alert level 3.

More info

Sign up costs: None. *Merchants require an iPad to receive orders through the posBoss POS app.

Software fees: $29 + GST per month for the posBoss “Small” plan and Regulr mobile app. This is discounted for the period of lockdown and alert level 3 (alert level 2 is TBC). The standard price of the Regulr app is an additional $30 per month excl GST. More detail on plans and pricing are available online at: https://posbosshq.com/pricing  

Delivery: No, members may source and use their own staff or use a third party.

Software integration partners: Xero.

Payment:  Inbuilt solution. Users add a valid payment method before they can successfully order. Currently 2.9% merchant service fee. We have a deal with our merchant provider to waive the fees on the first $2k of transactions. This is only available on request. 

Marketing integration: Outlets appear in the Regulr mobile app within customers’ geolocation radius. Facebook.

Database: Not shared with a third party.

Already a posBoss customer? See how to get going with Regulr here:  https://help.posbosshq.com/en/articles/1307595-get-set-up-with-regulr  

If you have an existing POS solution, see here:  https://help.posbosshq.com/en/articles/3892330-regulr-how-do-i-set-regulr-up-if-i-already-have-a-till-system  

On the Go App – RA Member

No sign up costs, 8% software fees (includes credit cards), tablet hire $10 per month. No delivery but software enables self-managed delivery.

More info

Track & Trace option: Yes 

Payment: Stripe process all payments and pay on a 2-day automatic rolling basis, 8% transaction fee. 

 Marketing integration: Inbuilt solution: Use of custom code generator only. Facebook: in process of having FB pixel for landing page and post ordering page (conversion tracking) Google analytics: In current work scope 

 Database: Not shared with a third party.

ResDiary New Zealand – RA Member

RA member offer: sign up $189 + setup $69.50 incl. GST. RA members will get 1 month free ($189) if they sign up between the months of May, June & July.

More info

General sign up: $189 + setup $129 incl. GST

Gateway fees: Stripe fees of 2.9% plus $0.30 by stripe and 0.5% by ResDiary

Other costs: No hidden costs, certain add ons will be charged with an extra monthly cost

Delivery: Not available, members may set up their own deliveries or use a third party.

Software integration partners: 

  • Point of sales: IdealPos, SwiftPos, Bepoz, Tevalis, Wizbang (Onetap)  coming soon 
  • Payment: Stripe Payment solution (costs: 2.9% plus $0.30 by stripe and 0.5% by ResDiary)   
  • SMS: Silverstreet
  • Event management: Ivvy
  • Phone reservations: ResPhone
  • Marketing integration: inbuilt solution
  • Facebook
  • Google analytics: Yes, direct bookings from google, the ResDiary Dashboard allows you to track the conversion of all bookings by source

Database: Not shared with a third party, members will have full control over their own database.

E-Gift cards: Yes, no extra set-up cost, Stripe fees of 2.9% plus $0.30 by stripe and 0.5% by ResDiary.

ResDiary is New Zealand’s most preferred zero commision booking platform for hospitality operators. It is a complete cloud based solution with a built in Events Manager feature to control your whole operation. Additional features are SMS marketing & ResPhone, which guarantees you to never miss a phone booking again. On top of that you will receive commision free bookings from dishcult.co.nz and resdiary.com

New Zealand 
Online Restaurant Reservation System – New Zealand 
The Original Restaurant Reservation System to Manage Reservations with Table Management, CRM with Email Marketing, on a flat monthly subscription. 

Zomato Takeaway – RA Member
Click here to find out more about the new Zomato Takeaway



Customizable Click and Collect service for NZ retail & hospitality. Optimise your pick up workflow with Servace. Let patrons find you nearby and order. No start-up costs. Ongoing support to improve your business workflow.

More info

More Info:

  • Low barrier entry to online ordering – easily setup your shop and menu without any restrictions. All the instructions for creating your store are at https://www.servace.co.nz/docs/ 
  • Targeting and optimizing pick-up orders
  • No transaction costs to businesses, service fee applies to patrons upon placing order by credit card
  • Option to use your existing POS systems. 1-month free, ongoing subscription fee of $150 per month
  • No other hidden costs
  • No shared information to third parties
  • Payments forwarded to your bank account on weekly basis

Set up costs: $300+gst, Ongoing fees: $45+gst per month, Payment solution: Stripe 30c and 2.5% per transaction.

More info

Database: Not shared with a third party.  

Epson Printer $339+GST

Once off Product Activation normally $150+GST  will do it for $120+GST

Free email support 

Optional add on: Phone Support $29+GST p/m; Phone and Onsite Support $49+GST

Website www.theposcrowd.co.nz email phill@theitcrowd.co.nz 021447305

Area: Hawkes Bay to Wellington


Special offer till June 30. First 12 months upon signup, 5% commission on transactions (+ $0.50 per transaction fee). After 12 months, this reverts to our regular 10% commission on transactions. Opt-out anytime. No early termination fee.

More info

Luk is a virtual marketplace and real-time online channel for your products or services, developed locally in NZ and aimed at the retail and hospitality sector. Customers can browse for products or offers in stores they’re interested in, and can make purchases all inside the app. As a Luk merchant, you can push real-time offers and deals to shoppers based on their location with easy-to-use Facebook and Instagram integration. Merchants can also easily set up Delivery, Click & Collect (Pick Up), Redeem in Store, Virtual Queueing (with in-built Contact Tracing) and Digital Loyalty options. 

Software fees: Special offer till June 30. First 12 months upon signup, 5% commission on transactions (+ $0.50 per transaction fee). After 12 months, this reverts to our regular 10% commission on transactions. Opt-out anytime. No early termination fees. 

Gateway: Stripe. Gateway fee is 2.9% per transaction which is already included in our 5% commission on transactions payment.

Delivery: No, members may source and use their own staff or use a third party 

Track & Trace option: yes

 Database: Not shared with a third party.  

The current offer ends 30 June. For restaurants, cafes and other food operations around the country, there is no other app like Luk in the NZ market. Our intent with Luk is to empower you and help your business get back on two feet post-lockdown. You can opt out anytime and there are no early termination fees. We’re so committed to the cause; we’ll even help you get set up if you need a hand. With over 1500 NZ users already and fast growing, we look forward to seeing you on Luk. All enquiries to partners@lukapp.co.nz

Now Book It

Sign up $69+gst for RA members, $99+gst for non-members, gateway fees of 2.9% +30c to the consumer. No other costs to restaurant, consumer charged 1.99% processing fee at checkout. No delivery

More info

Software integration partners: Stripe, Eway, My Guest List, Impact Data, Tyro POS Integration, currently B Pos, Swiftpos, Ideal pos, coming soon are FeDelta, Ordermate, Red Cat, Tevalis, google, Facebook, 

Payment: Yes Stripe & Eway 

Payment solution costs: 2.9% + .30c for Stripe, Eway similar price point but takes longer. 

Marketing integration: Inbuilt solution, Impact Data & My Guest List (please note Impact data are offering 3 free months if the merchant is using Now Book It as an online booking provider in NZ) All customer data is exported into the platform nightly. Google Analytics & Facebook, full integration including retargeting.

Database: Not shared with a third party

E- Gift cards: $69 set up if they are not already a Now Book it user. If they are its free with FB integration

Additional Features: We also have a world class reservation, event and function platform.


No sign up cost. Software fee: 5% or 3% + $15 per week. No delivery

More info

Setup, Data imputation cost: None

Tablet Cost: None  ( ownership changes after 100 orders )

Delivery: No, our software allows delivery management and charges

Payment Gateway: PayPal 3.5 % 

Web, Facebook, Instagram, QR code enabled for marketing

Database: Not shared with a third party


$100+gst set up cost for members, $150+gst for non-members – includes software, tablet and professional photoshoot. Delivery and payment costs – flat 25% commission rate covers all service fees including delivery.

More info

Software integration partners: Google and Stripe

Marketing integration: Facebook & Google analytics

Database: Not shared with a third party.

HomeDelivery.Kiwi & ClicknCollect.kiwi
$50+gst sign up cost, $50+gst per month software fee + 2%

More info

Gateway fees: we currently use Stripe (no merchant account required) of PayStation (if the customer has a merchant account already set up). The accounts are setup in the customer’s business name i.e. they have the direct relationship with the provider. Both providers have a standard offering. We are using these Gateway providers as they are quick to setup = a matter of days. Currently Bank merchant account setups, as I understand are taking 3 to 4 weeks?). Stripe charge you a flat rate of 2.9% + 30¢ per successful charge if you’re doing under $1 million in volume per year. 

PayStation charge a setup fee of $149 + GST and then monthly fee plus a charge per transaction. There are 3 offerings https://www2.paystation.co.nz/information-pages/pricing/

Other costs: Acronym charge a 2% success fee on all transactions, this is how we are paying for the platform development, and not charging the typical Online shopping cart setup fees.

Delivery: No, members may source and use their own staff or use a third party 

Track & Trace option: N/A

Software integration partners: N/A

Payment: Stripe and Paystation 

Payment solution costs: https://stripe.com/nz/pricing Or https://www2.paystation.co.nz/information-pages/pricing/ 

Marketing integration: Facebook & Google analytics can be requested as an additional customisation  @ $225 + GST each

Database: Not shared with a third party.  

Is it available free to the member: yes via the portal where they upload their product images there is also a dashboard and export function

The Main benefit of this offering is very little setup cost, you don’t need to already have a website or a merchant account setup to use the service and start taking payment for service. The sites can be setup and running very quickly i.e we expect within 2 – 3 days provide we get required information from the business in a timely fashion. We will show the customers how to load a product but this will be their responsibility unless they want to pay for setup / support packs starting at as little as $40 per 1 hr block. 


There are no minimum term contracts, hosting is charged on a per month basis.


12.5% service fee on all items sold. Only cost and includes payment fees. First week free for members.

More info

Payment solution: Stripe.  We collect the money and pay to the eateries weekly.

Payment solution costs: None, it’s included in our service fee.

Marketing integration: Inbuilt solution, we market the eateries we work with and are planning a large social ‘support local’ campaign as soon as we go to Level 3.

Database: Not shared with a third party. 

We’ve made a significant change to our operating model to support our community at this time, we’re also in the process of making a change to make listing food even easier which will be ready to go for next week.  We have 23,000 active users in Auckland and Dunedin.  We can do same day onboarding and eateries are in control; We are always accessible to help eateries out as required.

Sush Mobile

Sign up cost: $90+gst. Ongoing costs: $35+gst per month. No delivery

More info

Software integration partners: Inbuilt by Sush Mobile. Integration if required is available for an additional cost. We purposely have not done this so that we keep our pricing low and speed to market

Payment solution: Stripe. 2.5% of transaction value

Marketing integration – Can be enabled for additional costs if required

Database: Not shared with a third party

Our solution is designed to be café/restaurant centric to enable them to quickly, effectively and safely get a ordering solution into the market which meets the requirements of Level 3 of the lockdown. We want to help the hospitality sector get back on its feet as quickly as possible.


Sign up and set up cost: $1,500+gst, FREE for members. Software fees: $99 per month subscription. No delivery.

More info

Gateway fees: Stripe – 2.9% + 30c transaction fee

Delivery: No, members may source and use their own staff or use a third party 

Software integration partners: Payment Express and Stripe

Payment solution: Stripe and Payment Express, free setup with Stripe – 2.9% + 30c transaction fee

Marketing integration; FB & Google analytics

Database: Not shared with a third party and not available to business owner (or available at cost)

Our restaurant app platform is clean, simple to use and includes a website and an app. Having your own branded app specifically on App Store and Play store is our biggest point of difference which includes push notifications, a loyalty card system and delivery/pick up abilities.

Book N Order

Sign up cost: $399+gst, FREE for members. Ongoing costs monthly fee dependent on orders:

More info

Ongoing costs: Monthly pricing for online ordering is calculated on number of orders in a month and not a percentage that is very common with competing companies in NZ. The price is as follows (excluding GST):

•             0 to 20 orders p/m – $20 + GST

•             20 to 40 orders p/m – $29 + GST

•             40 to 60 orders p/m – $39 + GST

•             60 to 80 orders p/m – $49 + GST

•             80 to 100 orders p/m – $59 + GST

•             101 to Unlimited orders p/m – $85 + GST

Payment solution: We assist you in setting up your own merchant accounts with various online payment providers. This way you are in complete control of your online payments and all money goes directly to you. All payment fees can be passed on to the customer when they place an order incurring no costs to Restaurant/Takeaway merchant

Payment gateways: Bambora; 2.9% per payment with funds received in 3 days; Stripe for credit/debit card payments online; 2.9% + 30 cents per payment with funds received in 4 days; Poli for Internet Banking direct payment from customers bank account; 1% per payment with funds received the same day, we recommend running with Bambora for Credit/Debit Card payments and POLi for Internet Banking with Stripe set up as a backup option.

Hardware & Receipt Printing: Receiving orders is best done via our automated receipt printing. If your POS is Windows-based, will only need the printer from us. However, if you are running an iPad POS or a cash register, we will need to supply an Android Phone as well to print from. There is a small chance we can utilise your existing hardware and save you these costs.

Hardware Costs: USB & Bluetooth thermal receipt printer – $200 + GST, Android mobile phone – $140 + GST, Android data sim card – Free

Delivery: Central AKL, West AKL, Hamilton & Cambridge, outside of those areas self delivery or third party required

Additional Features: Free one-page website + built in table reservations that automatically preint email, Table Ordering customers can order direct from their own device no hardware required with QR code, no app required, camera scans the code

Support: Phone: 07 390 7250; Email: support@booknorder.co.nz

GoGo Express

Sign up cost: $200+gst. Ongoing costs: 25%+gst on commission, special merchant rate 23%+gst, RA rates: 20%+gst. Delivery: Yes

More info

Delivery: We manage our own delivery team, currently services AUCKLAND CBD, CENTRAL, ALBANY areas

Track & Trace option: yes

Software integration partners: can integrate for few POS

Payment solution: Wechat Pay, Alipay

Marketing integration: FB, Groupon, Grab one.

Database: Not shared with a third party

Courier service: Delivery for supermarkets and wholesalers. We have our own distribution warehouse and vehicles and currently work with 20 merchants. We currently operate on 2 collections per day all products are delivered to homes on the same day. This service is great for bakeries and groceries and cost RA members at $8 +gst per order same day delivery Auckland wide. Some conditions apply.

Beam Shuttle

No sign up costs, no delivery costs. Lease an e-scooter for free to enable fast and efficient home delivery for your business during the current alert level 3 (until 11 May). 

More info

We are mindful that businesses in Auckland are keen to start operating quickly with an affordable delivery service to offer their valued customers (after all, how much home cooking can one take?). 

That’s why we’ve launched Beam Shuttle, a free lease model for local businesses in need of a delivery fleet that can be staffed and operated in-house. 

 Here’s how it works

1. Restaurant/store partners register online 

2. We provide vehicles, maintenance and helmets free of charge 

3. We train your team on how to use the vehicles safely 

4. Your employees make deliveries using Beam scooters 


* 100 scooters available ready to be leased 

* No fees or lock-in contracts whatsoever. Zero. Zilch. Nada. 

* The quickest way to activate a delivery service for your business in Auckland 

* The safest and most rigorously tested e-scooter on the market in NZ 

* The free period will run for the current L3 period until the 11 May 

Terms and conditions apply.


Sign up costs: From $0 – $250 dependent on what is required e.g. photos, tablet. Commission: Starts from 20% +GST (charged on the food total only)

More info

Payment solution: Inbuilt, through delivereasy app/website, the consumer pays a delivery fee starting from $6.99 varying from suburb to suburb 

Marketing integration: Inbuilt solution, we have a ‘Deals’ feature in the app which allows restaurants to promote specific deals to our customer base, in return we provide marketing opportunities for this & FB.

Database: Not shared with a third party, available at cost

ToMyDoor – Personal Shopping Service

Personal shopping service – local shoppers, shopping local, delivering to local people. Nationwide

More info

0% charge on restaurant.  Deliveries $10. Group discounts available.

Professional drivers with small Passenger service licence, police background checks, regular medical tests driving COF commercial vehicles. Contactless delivery, 

Delivering now in Rotorua, Dunedin, Queenstown, Oamaru, Auckland central,  Whangarei, Whanganui, New Plymouth, Napier, Hastings, Havelock North, Wanaka, Hamilton, Cambridge, Matamata, Methven, Tirau – adding more areas daily.

Call Evan Bloomfield on 021 359 592 to discuss or email evan.tomydoor@gmail.com  


Providing dedicated, well priced Apps to hospitality establishments.

More info

RA Member special, click here.

Demo App of establishment provided free of charge. No commitment until happy with App.)

Sign up costs: App set-up fee waived for members. Normally $495.

Ongoing costs: Software fees, $80/month. Special for members. Normally $120

Hidden costs: Apple Approval : $100

Do you deliver: No but option can be added to App if establishment organises themselves.

Delivery: No, members may source and use their own staff or use a third party 

Payment solution: Paypal, Stripe, Authorize.net, Braintree, CenPOS, Ingenico ePAyments, iVeri, IXOPAY, Pin Payments, Sage Pay and BlueSnap.

Marketing integration; Inbuilt solution: App downloads, App Opens, Active Users, Actions, Revenue, Total orders filtered by dates. Facebook: Yes as well as integrating to Instagram and Twitter.

Database: Not shared with a third-party, free to members. Member can send push notifications as well as geo-fencing where a member is nearby a notification can be send to them via the App

No commitment until happy with App. Demo App of establishment provided free of charge

Ability to:

  • Add special offers : eg. First Order discount (percentage or fixed amount), Loyalty Bonus (percentage ,can be based on minimum spend),
  • be able to Accept/Reject Orders once they have been placed or reject outside of operating times
  • restrict delivery to certain postcodes.
  • Give a delivery or pick up time based on the number of minutes from the order
  • Add a delivery cost
  • Add a minimum order value 
  • Make it delivery only, pick up only or both


No sign up costs, ongoing costs: 3.9%+gst + $0.30 for online orders (includes credit card fees)

More info

Delivery: No, members may source and use their own staff or use a third party

Suitable for: Click & Collect, table ordering, in-house delivery, or simple queue management.
Hardware requirements: One dedicated tablet or phone recommended
Software: Built using react.js and hosted on ZEIT Smart CDN. Payments are handled by Stripe.com.
Database: Not shared with a third party

Features: Customers order and pay from their phone, then receive live updates of their place in the queue and when their order is ready for collection. 

Customisable branding and colour schemes.

Easy to upload and modify your own menu instantly.

Use your own unique URL with no links to competing vendors.

FastBot – Restaurant & Cafe Ordering
www.FastBot.co.nz | 
Sign up costs: None, 0% Commission. RA Member ongoing costs: $300 +gst per month. Public ongoing costs: $350 +gst per month. Delivery: No, members may source and use their own staff or use a third party. For a limited-time you can get FastBot installed on your FaceBook & Website page for free (usually $1000 set-up) so that your customers can order directly through you!


No sign up costs, Payment Gateway solution: $29 USD p/m

More info

Software integration partners: Stripe & POS

Database: Not shared with a third party. 

Payment Gateway solution: $29 USD p/m + normal credit card fees, through Stripe. This is optional, the system can have free pay on pickup.

Marketing integration: Inbuilt solution: includes menu promotions, flyer template. Free Facebook integration

Free app, orders go directly to your phone(s) or tablet. Instant website builder (extra add-on) & branded app. Works on any website. Free table reservations system. No contracts or commissions.

RA members receive a full page listing on my restaurant directory (www.eatout.nz)


Bumpzi is a web app and mobile app that enables contactless, pre-ordered pick-ups of menu items for cafes, restaurants and takeaway outlets, with a monthly cost for a business working out to be as low as just one cup of coffee a day. We DO NOT clip the ticket on transactions, at all. This is a massive cost saving benefit and point of difference.

More info

Bumpzi is branded with ONLY a business’ branding, helping to boost customer loyalty. It can be accessed on ALL devices and is available on the App Store and Google Play. Also, it can be adapted for non-hospitality businesses (ie retailers) that also want pre-ordered, contactless pick up options for customers.

Start to access its easy to use features today by heading to www.bumpzi.co.nz

Sign up costs: None for RA members                                                                     

Monthly fees: EQUIVALENT TO A CUP OF COFFEE A DAY ($5/ day)

Gateway fees: See your chosen gateway provider’s pricing guide.

Minimum term: 3 months with 1 month notice of cancellation.

Track & Trace option: Has the ability to integrate delivery solution. Client needs to provide details. Please ask us for more details.  (https://bumpzi.co.nz/)

Software integration partners: VEND, XERO, QR Code,

Payment providers: Yes, you can provide your merchant details, or, we can assist you with setting up a provider. We support: Windcave, Stripe, Apple and Google Pay, PayPal and eWay. Ts and Cs for your chosen payment gateway provider apply.

Till solutions: We can provide a fill till solution with our partners at VEND.

Marketing integration: Inbuilt solution: QR code enabled for marketing.

Reporting: Full back end reporting and product loading for web app. Mobile app used VEND.

Database: Not shared with a third party.

Your branded version of BUMPZI has the facility for you to load gift cards and offer discounts vouchers to your customers.

Bumpzi isn’t just for cafes and restaurants. It can also be used by any retailer (i.e. honey, cosmetics and clothing) that wants pre-ordered, contactless pick-up options for their customers, without letting them inside.

Our points of difference: PRICE (one cup of coffee per day equivalent for the monthly fee) & YOUR BRAND ONLY ON IT (boost customer loyalty and increase revenue!!)

We can take you through the steps and make it really easy for you, leaving you to concentrate on getting your business back up to full speed again.

ToMyDoor – Personal Shopping Service
Personal shopping service. Local shoppers, shopping local, delivering to local people. Nationwide. 0% charge on restaurant.  Deliveries $10. Group discounts available.

More info

Professional drivers with small Passenger service licence, police background checks, regular medical tests driving COF commercial vehicles. Contactless delivery, 

Delivering now in Rotorua, Dunedin, Queenstown, Oamaru, Auckland central,  Whangarei, Whanganui, New Plymouth, Napier, Hastings, Havelock North, Wanaka, Hamilton, Cambridge, Matamata, Methven, Tirau – adding more areas daily.Call Evan Bloomfield on 021 359 592 to discuss or email evan.tomydoor@gmail.com

Superb – Guest Experience Management
The all-in-one restaurant platform that allows you to take reservations, offer events, sell tickets, takeaway, gift vouchers, EPOS all combined for a convenient workflow and collect guest data to increase revenue and provide each guest with a personalised experience. All at zero cost for RA members.  

HERE WeGo Deliver

HERE Technologies has launched a new free delivery app for restaurants and cafes, providing them with access to new route planning technology that will help alleviate the pressure many New Zealand small businesses are currently facing.  

More info

HERE WeGo Deliver enables business to operate their own efficient delivery service, similar to fleet optimisation software. The new tool simplifies the process for multiple orders and drivers, removes the need for third party costs (like UberEats) and helps improve operational efficiency.  

Cost: Free 

Free support from HERE Technologies 

Website: https://www.here.com/ 

Area: New Zealand wide 


For at table payments there are no set-up costs during level 2 & 3 (normally $200), Payment transaction costs fixed at 30 cents. Can use an existing Merchant Facility linked to Paymark and get paid next day (contact your Bank and Paymark for details of these costs).  

More info

Contact tracing module provided completely free of any cost. Contact tracing database encrypted and not shared with anyone unless requested by the Ministry of Health or Police. 

Free support via email (info@payminty.com) and phone , website https://www.payminty.com/hospitality 

Area: All of New Zealand 




Order Meal

Uber Eats


Restaurant Hub – RA Partner
FREE guest mobile contact tracing for RA Members – Using QR Code or Web Login

More info
  1. Best Practice Guideline – Guests login upon arrival or once seated via their mobiles. This ensures the Covid 19 database for your restaurant only contains actual guests arrived and a time stamp. It eliminates issues caused by Cancellations, No shows or Unarrived guests. Improving the accuracy of restaurant contact tracing Covid 19 data supplied to Health or Gov’t depts.  
  2. Print & Display Downloads –  It’s your decision where guests login: Before entering | At the host desk | At the table | With the menu    Select which print size and design you wish to display. Each has a QR code and guest instructions.
  3. Register Your Business for Contact Tracing Register Here       

For more info: View 

Safe Food Pro – RA Member
Safe Food Pro now offers an easy to use contactless COVID-19 Contact Register, as well as COVID-19 specific forms and checklists for managing your food safety.

More info

With over 600 users, Safe Food Pro is NZ’s most popular Food Safety app and we are offering 2 months free during Level 2.

After the 2 months free you can continue to use Safe Food Pro to manage your food safety for only $56.60 per month (excl GST) on our monthly plan. You will receive a further 25% discount when signing up on our annual plan. No set-up fees, no contracts, and best of all access to our Food Control Plan set-up wizard. Designed and built in NZ for the NZ food industry.

GuestHQ – Powered by Loaded Reports – RA Partner

Looking for a simple & free way to register your guests during Covid-19 for contact tracing? Our partners at Loaded have put out the simplest and safest way of managing this with their Guest HQ Web App. Head to www.guesthq.co.nz/register to check out how customers can Check In on their phone as they arrive at your venue and get your venue registered for free. They’ve got all the posters and signage you need to give your customers the rundown on what to do on arrival. Jump on getting this sorted sooner rather than later.

Rippl – RA Member

Early bird pricing is just $35 per venue for 3 months. Rippl is a privacy-first contact less tracing app – No administration time, No personal data. Where other solutions require personal information in order to get in touch with your guests, Rippl solves this with an inbuilt alert system to support tracing.


Wherewolf specialises in guest registration. Wherewolf allows venue mangers to create an account and offer friction free registration of guests at entry. This service is FREE for NZ and can be upgraded to manage guests, guest lists, reports, generate marketing campaigns for new and repeat business with powerful integrated solutions for the hospitality industry. Keep your customers up to date, send them offers and show them how much you care. 

More info

Example here

– Wherewolf has been a global leader for guest registrations for 8 years with over 40,000,000 check-ins annually
– QR code and online link for contactless registration
– Customer contact tracing 
– Customised QR codes and company branding
– Upgrades available for marketing, repeat guests, guest management tools, integrations with leading retail and hospitality marketing and loyalty solutions.

Wherewolf for hospitality page here
Link to sign up a venue here

Web Fox

Unique QR code, web-based register, simple & easy to set-up. Free to businesses and individual users to keep a personal diary of their movements.

Safe Me
Integrated App based solution using Geo-mapping, register once and all movements are tracked. Available for businesses and individual users. This is backed and funded by MB for all NZ users.


ImHere is FREE for all New Zealand Businesses to use during Level 3 and Level 2.

More info

All we ask is for those businesses who can afford to, that they enable the Invoicing Option and offer an amount back to us that they can afford.  This helps us to help more New Zealand businesses.  If businesses can’t afford to right now, then that’s ok.

We’ll keep all data private and confidential between the Visitor and the Business they have visited.  We will not share or use this data for any marketing purpose.

To create an Account visit https://business.imhere.nz or like or share us on https://www.facebook.com/ImHereNZ if you can.

ImHere will always strive to offer a Free version to small New Zealand businesses.  Those businesses requiring additional enhanced features or usage will be able to choose a plan that best suits them.  These plans are likely to be:

  • Free version:  $0 
  • Small Business:  $25 per month (includes 5 locations and 2000 visitors per month)
  • Medium Business:  $50 per month (includes 10 locations and 5000 visitors per month)
  • Corporate:  will be based upon the number of locations and a visitor usage


Dine Local is online reservations and contact tracing in one.  Set-up valued at $99+GST is free in May and June. Monthly fees only $14.99+GST per venue – no hidden extra’s, no per booking or reservation fees, no locked in contracts. Price guaranteed for 2020. 

More info

Get set-up in just one 10-30 minute zoom, messenger, skype or phone chat (it may take a little longer if you have a lot of locations). Then: 

  • Paste your dedicated #DineLocal reservations link into your website & social media. 
  • People who click your links will go straight to your own reservations page (not to the general directory). 
  • Your business will also be instantly listed free in the general  #DineLocal online directory. 
  • Customers enter the contact details for their whole party as they book. 
  • You just check diners off on your smart phone or tablet as they arrive and leave. 
  • Add table numbers and servers for full contact tracing effect. 
  • Walk-ins are easy.  They can book on their phone as they enter – it’s the least they could do in these times. 
  • The customer code of conduct means you only need to hold their table until 15 minutes after the time reserved. 
  • They receive automated confirmations reminding them of their obligation to arrive on time – or cancel early if they can’t make it. 
  • You enjoy lots of simple tools to ensure you do not over-book and don’t miss opportunities. 
  • Optional webinar sessions are available to help your team get up and running and make the most of the platform. 
  • See all future bookings, track past bookings and trends. 
  • Answer health authority contact requests with a simple name or date search. 
  • Provide the Ministry of Health with lawfully requested data in a few clicks. 
  • Diners will be encouraged to join your supporter database as the book, giving you more marketing power now and later. 
  • The data of those who don’t opt in to your supporter base will be deleted after 4 weeks, as required by law. 

Dine Local is for kiwis by kiwis.  It is a Booking Rooster innovation.  Booking Rooster have powered registration platforms in the events, training, community and corporate sectors since 2013. 

Find out more at www.dinelocal.co.nz, email connect@dinelocal.co.nz, Phone 07 575 6903.   

My Visitor Log
Our normal pricing is $49 per month with unlimited staff and visitors, but we have a special “Lockdown Offer” of $39 per mth for anyone who signs up before the 26th of June (to line up with the end of the 12 week wage subsidy period). You will receive this special price for the next 12 months.  

More info

For a live demonstration of the full system, simply reply to this email to book a quick Zoom demo with me. If you would like to book a time which suits you, directly in my calendar, please click here Zoom with Steve 

We look forward to helping you keep your visitors, employees and business safe.  

Free and simple QR Code Contact Tracing set up in 10 minutes. Customers simply scan a QR code and save their details. Privacy Respected – we won’t use customer data for any other reasons, and will delete post Alert Level 2. Free QR code DLE’s, Posters and cards.You also get a free Restaurant directory listing on Bookme and Air New Zealand. Email info@bookme.co.nz or go to the following link and get set up in under 10 minutes https://www.bookme.co.nz/bookmesales/signup/c19/dining 


FREE listing. If you retail food or drink you should probably list here, and it only takes 10 minutes to get online instantly. Our specially 
designed search algorithm not only shows local businesses, but was specifically created to include businesses that rely on delivery. You 
can specify COVID-19 considerations, contact details, opening hours, delivery capabilities, accepted payment methods and more. Customers can 
search for product categories in their area to see local businesses which also includes those that can deliver from further afield.

People Flow/Counting – South Security Ltd

In order to prevent overcrowding in an area, many scenarios need to strictly control the number of people staying inside. 

More info

South Security offers professional people flow control solutions with Real-time counting cameras and displaying the number of people staying in an area on a live screen, and giving alarms when it exceeds the threshold. Multiple areas/groups can be created allowing you to create separate zones off the one system with multiple displays

Websites / Marketing (DIRECTORIES & BUILDERS)



Zeald are giving away e-commerce websites to food and beverage business so they can get online and sell during level 3.


Website landing Page with your own URL from $300 + GST which we can add homedelivery.kiwi shopping cart as per contactless services listing


The Trading Store

SOS Cafe

Visit SOS Cafe to buy vouchers and email David Downs at cafe@soscafe.nz to sign up your hospitality business.

Our Local

Get found during Level 3 and beyond. List your business for free and let people in your local area know you’re open.  

NZ Deliveries

Free online directory promoting restaurants and cafes offering takeaway and contactless delivery during Alert Level 3 and beyond. Created as a community project by First Table, it’s their way of helping restaurants promote pick up and delivery options directly with customers.

More info

First Table has one of the largest and most engaged foodie audiences in New Zealand and they’ll be actively promoting FirstEATS to hundreds of thousands of our subscribers from today. You don’t have to be a First Table partner to list your service so if you’ve reopened your kitchen or fired up your coffee machine this week, please add your venue. It takes two minutes to submit your details using their online form.


Hoppa is an innovative new smartphone platform designed to market & promote your establishment efficiently and at low cost. You have complete control over the information you share in a bid to expose your establishment to a wider audience, and increase foot traffic into your bar, restaurant or cafe once restrictions are lifted.

More info

Launch Offer – 6 months free trial

– Monthly subscription (opt out at any time)

– No cancellation fees

– Featured subscribers will appear on the users home screen upon opening the app, ensuring immediate exposure to the consumer and significant profile

– Push notifications delivered to loyal customers

– Access to the Hoppa platform where all deals, specials and offers can be updated or changed

– Access to the Hoppa platform where all menu’s, photos, hours of operation and other relevant information can be updated or changed

– Regular ads on Hoppa social media accounts

– Profile on Hoppa website

Contact our team to receive our offer or to get more details – admin@hoppanz.com 

Free Restaurant listing for members. Encourage ‘Pick-up & Takeaway’ by running Pick-up specific offers at no cost to restauranteurs. Offers can be time specific to encourage custom at quieter times. List your Restaurant on Bookme and gain partner listings and promotions through Air New Zealand, and Vodafone. Email info@bookme.co.nz or go to the following link and get set up now https://www.bookme.co.nz/bookmesales/signup/c19/dining 


FREE listing. If you retail food or drink you should probably list here, and it only takes 10 minutes to get online instantly. Our specially 
designed search algorithm not only shows local businesses, but was specifically created to include businesses that rely on delivery. You 
can specify COVID-19 considerations, contact details, opening hours, delivery capabilities, accepted payment methods and more. Customers can 
search for product categories in their area to see local businesses which also includes those that can deliver from further afield.

Mean Business

Mean Business works with new and existing restaurant and cafe owners to sustainably streamline their business for profit. Services include:

More info
  • Strategic and operations planning
  • Menu strategy for profit
  • New Concept development
  • Project management

Jump onto my free blog site for cafe and restaurant owners to help them maximise profitability, called My Profit Kitchen.


RaD Car Hire West Auckland

Vehicles available at $29+gst per day

More info

Can supply Nissan Notes (hatchback) or Tiidas (sedans) on a weekly basis.

Insurance:  Full insurance will be covered in the per day price (covers the car, any other car involved, 3rd parties)

Excess: $0 for the car and windshield

Hidden costs: $49+GST drop off fee if car is required to be dropped at a business address ($49+GST if required to be collected as well) otherwise prefer collection from depot at no charge. Cars come with full tanks (needs to be returned full) and AA breakdown assistance.

Database: Not shared with a third party

At present the vehicles have not been used for 5 weeks and will be sanitised before collection.  Will require a copy (photo is fine) of all drivers using the vehicle.  Full licences must be valid and drivers must operate within their licence conditions.


Discounted rates start at $36 per day for Toyota Yaris and $40 per day for Toyota Corolla.

More info
  1. Call Hertz (0800 654 321) and quote CDP (discount code) 2199563
  2. Via www.hertz.co.nz and enter CDP # in ‘Discount/CDP/Club Code’ field
  3. Click on this link, which takes you to Hertz website and pulls above discount code 

Discounted rates start at $36 per day for Toyota Yaris and $40 per day for Toyota Corolla

Hertz vehicles range from Toyota Yaris up to SUVs, full size, 4WDs, 12 seater vans and cargo vans

Hertz vehicles average age is 10 months

Excess: Passenger vehicles is $3,652. Excess can be reduced to nil for $31.30 per day (MAX) or to $521 for $26.09 per day (AER)

Airport Location fee is $45 per rental


Above rates available from 23 April to 30 June 2020 for Restaurant Association of NZ members only

Payment via credit card at Hertz counter

All rates exclude GST

Unlimited kilometres

Database: Not shared with a third party


Driver and Vehicle from $32+gst per hour*.

More info

Driver & Vehicle: Car, driver and fuel from $32 + GST per hour*. 4 and 8 hourly options available.
Vehicle only options available including Electric BMW 13’s (great for fuel cost savings), including delivery to your premises.  

Daily, weekly and monthly vehicle hire with or without a driver. Solution can be tailored to suit your needs.    

Vehicles and branches are cleaned following strict sanitisation guidelines.

Support: Melissa on +64 27 698 8087 or email: ecnz-sales.support@europcar.com 

*Conditions apply. Car, driver and fuel option available in: Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown. Car only option available in: Auckland, Rotorua, Palmerston North, Wellington, Picton, Blenheim, Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin and Queenstown

Database: Not shared with a third party


Noel Leeming – RA Partner

Click here for the PPE Face Mask order form.

OfficeMax – RA Partner

Availability of PPE – Additional stocks of sanitisers and another PPE are arriving daily.  Log on to our website to view member pricing and stock availability.

More info

OfficeMax continues to operate and is ready to help you get back to business when we move to Level 3 on 28th April.  Please see our FAQs or email us at enquiries@officemax.co.nz

Our retail stores remain closed and we continue to deliver online and phone orders.  Your OfficeMax Account Manager is also available to assist you.

Availability of PPE – Additional stocks of sanitisers and another PPE are arriving daily.  Log on to our website to view member pricing and stock availability.

Delivery – Ongoing, significant demand of parcel deliveries across the country, as well as social distancing and hygiene requirements have resulted in some extended delivery times.  We apologise for any inconveniences this creates.  Please allow for up to 4 business days for your order to be delivered.  You can also continue to change your delivery address when you order online to enable home delivery. All courier deliveries will be ‘no signature required’ to ensure safe, contactless delivery.

Burns & Ferrall – RA Partner
Click here to check out Burns & Ferrall’s Fast Food and Packaging Guide

Eftpos New Zealand – RA Partner
0800 338 767

The team at Eftpos NZ are available to discuss your payments needs and provide expert advice on adapting your payment solution to meet COVID-19 public health guidelines.

Gilmours – RA Member
Gilmours is your one stop shop for eco-friendly packaging, cleaning, sanitising and PPE needs. We’re here to help get your food business up and running with a range of BioPak eco-friendly packaging including the cost effective Biocane range – made from the pulp of the sugarcane plant, it’s extremely durable, lightweight, inexpensive and biodegrades in 30-90 days.  We also have a wide range of bulk cleaning and sanitising products for refilling spay bottles and protective gear including gloves, surgical masks, hairnets and hand sanitiser.   

Expresspak by NZ Safety Blackwoods
0800 377 008

Expresspak has extensive experience providing innovative and sustainable solutions, supplying both customised and generic printed packaging and items for the food service industry throughout New Zealand. With access to product ranges across packaging, hygiene, safety, engineering and apparel we can use our specialist knowledge to help meet your business requirements.


0800 GO 4 ECO
We provide a full range of sustainable and compostable takeaway food packaging made from plants. For the safe and hygienic delivery of food and beverage to your customers.

DE Group – Protective Screen Dividers & Counter Screens
Maximise your return! Provide a piece of mind to your customers by separating them safely but still ensuring you get the most yield out of your establishment. Our stress free dividers will assist you in achieving just that without compromising the overall aesthetics.  

More info

Modular, lightweight, kit set and cost effective.  

 With two different systems available we will work with you on the best solution to suit you.  

 Give us a call today to discuss your exact requirements.    

 Steve 021 228 2289 

DE Group – Protective Counter Screens 

Modular, kit set, lightweight and cost effective our protective screens can be put in place temporarily or long term with no damage to your counter. We can make a counter screen to fit your specific requirements and include a pass through if needed.  

 These screens are made out of acrylic so easy to clean if needed and lightweight.  

 Screens start from $199 + GST 

 Give us a call today to discuss your exact requirements. 

Steve 021 228 2289 

BiotixPro NZ 
Have food or furnishings that can’t be sprayed down with chemicals? Need a way to sanitise without alcohol or harsh bleaches? BiotixPro products are perfect for restaurants. Our unique probiotic formulations are scientifically backed by hospital studies and other clinical findings to be more effective than chemicals, without the downsides! Safe on all furnishings, even vinyls, leathers and fabrics, and completely safe on all foods and in all situations. You can efficiently follow the WHO & NIH 2-step protocols without having to spend extra time packing away all the food, tables and seating – just spray and go! We are the first commercial supplier of the Probiotic Hygiene Cleaning System in New Zealand. We offer both dry fog and misting solutions in kits that are affordable, compact and easy to use for all staff.

0800 277 772

Whether you run a restaurant, café, takeaway outlet or food delivery service, you can find all of your hospitality supplies right here in one place!

New Zealand owned and operated, we’ve been manufacturing and supplying local businesses with their packaging and consumable needs for over 20 years across many industries, including the hospitality sector.

Some of the key products we supply include:

More info

At Primepac we stand out from the crowd by delivering on our promise. Some of these benefits for you are: 

  • FREE delivery 
  • Same day dispatch 
  • Huge range of competitively priced products (your one stop shop) 
  • No minimum order value 
  • An amazing online ordering system with Pacpoints rewards scheme – www.primepac.co.nz/about-pacpoints/
  • FREE lollies with every order 
  • And amazing customer care team! 

View more of our range or download the complete product catalogue today!

Photography / Food Styling

Grant Southam Photographer

Food dishes photographed on site in your eatery for promotion on your website. Grant Southam, a highly experienced photographer, will set up in your Auckland restaurant / cafe. He is offering a 20 % discount off his normal fee and additionally is able to accept payment  on 20th of two following months.

COVID-19 Sanitisation / Cleaning & Self Accreditation

Hands-Free Sanitiser DispensersHarrows – RA partner

Harrows have secured supply of a free-standing, hands-free pedal operated sanitiser dispenser. The patented Shield Pedal Activated Sanitiser Station is NZ Made, fully mechanical and is available with refills of high-grade sanitiser, with stock now available.

More info

It’s Harrows’ way of supporting hospo get back to business in these uncertain times, helping you to focus on what your business needs, not worrying about details like sourcing a sanitising solution for your staff and customers. 

  • Shield Pedal Activated Sanitiser Station – $495+GST*
  • Shield Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Refill (3 x  1500ml + 1 x pump) – $149+GST*

*Sanitiser Refill is required on initial set up.  Freight charges apply: Stand+Refill $25+GST ea; Refill only $13+GST ea

Visit their website for more information or to order online. Click here.

Checkmate NZ

To ensure your venue maintains the highest cleaning standards and gives reassurance to your staff and customers Checkmate has designed the Covidclean solution

More info

You simply place near field communication sticker tags around the venue in key areas you want to ensure are being cleaned which are loaded with the relevant questions. A simple tap of the phone and up pops the questions for that area or items check (ie. Has the bar been cleaned, have staff washed hands etc)

Once all the checks are completed you then tap the main sign which is placed at the front of the business to finish the check. This has a red / green light light and lets customers know the site is clean, green is clean!. Your site can claim to be self accredited, cleaning is done to managements expectations and customers have assurance the venue is doing all they can to fight C19. All reports are captured on a dashboard and if any reports a missed an e mail is set to the relevant person to ensure the standards are maintained.

The real win is a gold standard system that MBIE can understand and you remain open and of course keep staff and customers safe. Costs are $125 for the LED sign and 4 NFC tags which will come with your preloaded questions, it’s a self-installation process or we can arrange this and a monthly charge of $49.95 per month.

Optional upgrade is available to use this system for all your daily checks across the business so all reports are captured in one place.

Nano Care NZ Limited

One application on a surface will permanently make that surface 99.999% free from germs and viruses (including TGEV-Coronavirus SARS, Ebola, Staphylococcus, Salmonella, Listeria and Influenza A and currently awaiting certification on COVID-19). The only product of its kind in New Zealand.

More info

Liquid Guard is a German developed nano technology which bursts viral cells on contact using positively charged nitrogen atoms, creating a permanent anti-microbial protection. Reduces the risk of virus smear transmission from common touch areas like hand rails, lift buttons, counter tops, doors, touch pads. Give your customers peace of mind. Remove the need to regularly reapply sanitiser, disinfectants and cleaning chemicals on those surfaces. Free from halogens and dermatologically tested and rated EXCELLENT.


Exclusive discounts on FDA approved surface sanitisers and cleaners! SurfaceSafe has launched a COVID-19 Business Essentials offering which assists businesses get back to operating safely and compliantly within the requirements of level 2 and beyond. This includes their locally made hand and surface sanitisers that are plant-based, environmentally friendly and of commercial strength. The ingredients are FDA approved and therefore safe around food and all surfaces – perfect for hospitality. RA members receive 10% off by using promo code HOSPO online. 

BiotixPro NZ
Have food or furnishings that can’t be sprayed down with chemicals? Need a way to sanitise without alcohol or harsh bleaches? BiotixPro products are perfect for restaurants. Our unique probiotic formulations are scientifically backed by hospital studies and other clinical findings to be more effective than chemicals, without the downsides! Safe on all furnishings, even vinyls, leathers and fabrics, and completely safe on all foods and in all situations. You can efficiently follow the WHO & NIH 2-step protocols without having to spend extra time packing away all the food, tables and seating – just spray and go! We are the first commercial supplier of the Probiotic Hygiene Cleaning System in New Zealand. We offer both dry fog and misting solutions in kits that are affordable, compact and easy to use for all staff.

Signage & Printing

Print Warehouse

RA Members receive a further 15% off current COVID Signage pricing.

More info

COVID-19 Signage 
Our aim is to produce our signage at affordable prices to help businesses get back to trading with protection and safeguard measures in place for both employees and customers. 

​We are here to help and will offer Restaurant Association members a further 15% off our current COVID Signage Pricing.

Pricing starts from as little as $3 per sign. See our current catalogue and pricing on our website.

Call 0272919884


ServiceIQ – RA Partner

BRAND NEW! Hospo Safe online training available at cost Hospo Safe is a comprehensive staff induction product to help you with food and workplace safety training. It’s fully online, so can be completed by your team members anywhere and at any time – you can even get new staff trained before they start work. 

More info

The good news is that, to help your business recover from the COVID-19 crisis, we are making this available to you at our cost price of $15* including GST ($13.04+GST) per person. *Special offer ends 31 May 2020

This at-cost launch offer is available to all employers in New Zealand’s hospitality or other service sectors, and there is no future obligation attached.

Targeted, practical, comprehensive, Kiwi

Hospo Safe is tailor-made to help you meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Food Act. The training is in two completely online modules, each taking between two and three hours (depending on previous knowledge and experience).

  • Food safety: hazards and pathogens, allergens, temperature, handwashing, cleaning and sanitising, and more.
  • Health, safety and security: legal responsibilities and rights, hazards, manual handling, accident and injury, emergencies, customer and premises security, and more. 

Download the brochure for full details of what this comprehensive, New Zealand-specific food and workplace safety training covers.

Get your Hospo Safe training for just $15 per person

Just contact us at Intel@ServiceIQ.org.nz with your name, email address and business details and we’ll get you set up in a way that suits your staff and business, no matter its size or type.

ITS – RA MEMBER https://online.flipbuilder.com/brom/ptoc/mobile/index.html

Leadership performance coaching for business owners
Life and business are not about winning once, it’s about being ready, relevant and capable for whatever you’re facing. Boost your performance with global innovators in integral coaching and generative leadership. Reach out using the form at https://genratec.com/people/josie-fitzhugh/  Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for grant funding. 

Interior Design

We have developed a strategic design, operational and planning checklist that can be downloaded free of charge from our website, to help implement the rules and navigate the changes required. 

More info

In an effort to give back to the incredible hospitality industry, CTRL_ have developed a strategic design, operational and planning re-opening check list. With the newly released COVID-19 level 2 restrictions, there will be a requirement for spatial distancing between parties and outline new operational rules. These restrictions may mean that you need to reconsider your current layout or adapt your offering to adhere to the level 2 rules. 

It’s important to show that your response is considered from both a compliance perspective while maintaining you brand, ambience and what you are famous for. We believe it’s more than just repositioning furniture. Sometimes your people are your product, sometimes your product is your people – and we understand that. 

It’s also crucial that you can make your customer feel safe as well as your staff. With the future still a little uncertain, now is the time to build trust in providing a safe and comfortable environment so that your customers keep coming back. 

We recommend you consult with all COVID-19 information resources such as http://covid19.govt.nz,  the Restaurant Association for updates to the guidelines and their implications. 

We won’t pretend to have all the answers, we are here to help. 

Health & Wellness

WARN International
WARN International is pleased to announce that, as a registered Health & Wellness provider in the for the COVID-19 Regional Business Partner Network (Auckland) response, many small to medium businesses may qualify for up to 100% funding of our courses. Established in 2014, our programmes are widely utilised across all industries because they work effectively to minimise workplace stressors.

More info

We combine contemporary neuroscience, positive psychology and emotional intelligence to underpin the three pillars of any business – adaptability (resilience), communications, and safety. 

We understand the impact these extraordinary times can have and are providing practical tools to manage stress during this continued period of uncertainty and thought that your membership like to know more about how we might help. For more information and to find out if your membership qualifies, head to the NZTE – Regional Business Partner website, or get into contact with us at info@warninternational.com.

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