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Visa duration extension (extension to expiry dates)

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The Government has issued an epidemic management notice that comes into effect on Thursday 2 April 2020. This may have some impacts on visas of people in New Zealand.

Temporary visas extended

The epidemic management notice means all temporary entry class visas can be extended for people who are currently in New Zealand. This includes:

  • temporary work visa holders 
  • student visa holders
  • visitor visa holders
  • interim visa holders, and
  • limited visa holders.

Workers holding a temporary visa

A worker’s temporary visa expires on or before 1 April 2020

If the expiry date stated in a worker’s visa is on or before 1 April 2020 they must apply for a visa online before their current visa expires. 

If they cannot provide information required by the online form, such as a new medical certificate, they should upload an explanation instead to complete their application.  If a temporary worker applies for a visa online it is accepted automatically. This means after you apply, they will be granted an interim visa automatically when their current visa expires. An interim visa will allow them to remain lawfully in New Zealand for six months.

A worker’s temporary visa expires between 2 April and 9 July 2020

If a worker’s temporary visa expires between 2 April and 9 July 2020, it will automatically be extended to late September 2020. These people will be advised by email in early April.

If travel plans have changed due to the travel restrictions, visa holders can request a change to their travel dates and visa conditions or apply for a new visa. Visa fees or levies paid for completed applications will not be refunded or deferred for another visa. Immigration NZ are aware that some individuals may wish to apply for a change of visa conditions.  Immigration NZ are currently working through the options for this and will contact them soon with more information.


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