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Talking Plates crowd-sourcing kicks off…

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Why Talking Plates? Dishing up discussion around NZ food…

The idea behind Talking Plates is to get people thinking about what they can do personally to change the way New Zealanders  grow/catch, purchase and prepare food. The campaign aims to raise $10K to ensure this project can be taken to events and festivals throughout the country – including Wellington on a Plate and Taste of Auckland, where the Talking Plates team will work with local chefs within each region.

Talking Plates

Talking Plates will be a chance to showcase New Zealand’s most precious resource, provoking discussion and challenging the status quo of our current food systems. Next month, at Nostalgia will see three of the regions cleverest young chefs cooking for everyone – Alex Davies from Gatherings, Aliesha Gabrielle from Fresh Press Pizza and Carlos Rodriguez from 27 Steps.

Talking Plates will start by focussing on three Eat New Zealand themes from the recent #FoodHui presented by the  Restaurant Association of New Zealand in partnership with Eat New Zealand:

  • Food Resilience
  • Sustainable Fishery in NZ
  • Locally Grown Grains

The kitchen will be serving up three dishes which hero these topics. Starting with a fish dish which utilises the whole fish, sourced directly from the fisher who caught it, and celebrating The Kai Ika Project*. Secondly a dish that champions Canterbury/NZ grown grains and a dessert featuring wild food or produce grown in community gardens.

*The Kai Ika Project collects unwanted fish heads and frames and shares them with an appreciate local community who rever them for what they are, a true delicacy. For more info head to

Find out more about Talking Plates here.

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