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2019 food and dining trends – what’s hot?

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As we head into the tail end of 2018, we reach that time of the year when future forecasting begins – everyone is  looking for the best indicators of food and dining trends for the New Year.

Though not quite at the point where machines take over our restaurants and our meals appear at the blink of an eye, we’ve reached a new era in food technology and innovation where items and services on offer today were only a mere fragment of a thought a few years ago.

Let us know what you think will be hot in 2019 and what the New Zealand customer will be looking for in the coming year by with this short Snapshot Poll:

Snapshot Poll: 2019 Food & Dining Trends


With a considerable number of industry predictions already out there for 2019 dining and food trends, we’ve rounded up some bedtime reading for you on what’s going to be hot around the globe in 2019 and what diners will be looking for.

The Top 5 Food Trends to Watch in 2019

2019 food dining trends

More people will eat at home
Increased automation
Mainstreaming of marijuana
Rise of lab-grown, “motherless” meats
Sour rules

Top Ten Dining Trends for 2019 – according to Benchmark, global hospitality company

2019 food dining trends

The tea party
Meat lovers
Fermentated foods
Insect protein
Farm to table & sustainable farming
Online & mobile food ordering
Vegetarian and plant-based menus
Food and the greater good supporting the hungry and less fortunate
The dietician-chef

These 20 trends will decide how we eat in 2019 – according to Whole Foods

2019 food dining trends

Pacific Rim-inspired flavours
Shelf-stable probiotics
Phat fats
Frozen treats of a different kind
Marine munchies beyond seaweed
Hemp, revamped
Faux meat snacks
Empowering purchases
Eco-friendly packaging
Gourmet snacks

Predictions for 2019’s Biggest Food Trends

Cannabis everything
New probiotics
Motherless meat & other sustainable substitutions
Robot takeover
High-end fast casual
New greens & veggies
Fats and proteins we love
Food designed for Insta stories
New twists on the fav sandwich

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