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Payday filing starts soon – get ready now

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payday filing

All employers, including restaurant and café owners, will need to file PAYE information each payday from April 2019. Over 400 employers have already started, so why not get ahead of the busy summer season this November and find out what you need to do to get ready?

Through September and October, Inland Revenue is holding over 300 free seminars for employers like you on payday filing across the country.

These seminars are designed to support all employers – both large and small hospitality businesses. In around 90 minutes, each seminar will cover what payday filing is, how it works, and what you should do to get ready. And there will be plenty of time to ask more specific questions.

This is a big change for some employers in the restaurant industry, but it’s important. The more accurate and timely information Inland Revenue gets as a result of payday filing will give New Zealand families more certainty about what support they’re entitled to and what their payment obligations are.

Over time, payday filing will help integrate tax into day-to-day processes, particularly if your restaurant or café uses payroll software. Make sure you talk to your software provider to find out when they’ll be offering payday filing-compatible software.

So to make sure you are ready and if you’ve got questions – register today for a free payday filing seminar with Inland Revenue.

You can also find more information about payday filing at, or email questions to


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