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Work the Seasons – seasonal recruitment platform

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Work the Seasons is an initiative created to connect seasonal employers with seasonal employees, in collaboration with industry (horticulture, tourism, hospitality, viticulture, meat processing, and seafood) and Government.

This site may provide members who have seasonal workforce requirements with a way to reduce recruitment costs and time. Employers may place a job advertisements free of charge and employees can also register online for free.

The Work the Seasons website offers a variety of courses focusing on time management and team work to customer service and much more. As an employer, you can use these courses to encourage skills development in your staff.


Work the Seasons

Getting Started:

  1. Click the ‘Sign In / Sign Up’ button in the top right corner on the homepage
  2. Select Employer and fill in your details.

You then can work on your company profile, create job advertisements, track the progress of the applicants through recruitment, try out the learning modules that employees have access to, search for talent from the pool of employees who have registered for the site, and watch the short video guide to creating a new employee account so you know what an employee will experience.

Download the employers guide for more of how the website works

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