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Dunedin Council Alert: Boil water before drinking!

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Dunedin Council issues a water contamination notice to residents this morning in response to a report on water quality issues within the city.

The Council has advised its residents to avoid drinking water directly from the tap—or to boil it prior to drinking—because of a water quality issue that appears to have originated from raw water released from the Ross Creek Reservoir. The untreated water was reportedly released from the Reservoir on Sunday and managed to enter Dunedin’s drinking water network.

The area affected is the city’s north end, including the CBD, North Dunedin, Leith Valley, Woodhaugh, and the areas between city central, the town belt and the harbour.

The Council has activated its emergency operations centre (EOC) as it races to flush potentially contaminated water from the city’s drinking water supply. The boil water notice was expected to remain until tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday, 16 August), but has already resulted in a rush of people buying bottled water out of precaution.

We’ll keep you updated as more information comes to us.

15 August, latest news update here.

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