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Scam watch ~ Lions tour loyalty scheme

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We have been alerted that some businesses have been contacted by a company called Lions Card 2017  to participate in a promotional card scheme that offers British & Irish Lions supporters discounts at participating business throughout New Zealand.

This is a quick reminder that the DHL New Zealand Lions Series has been granted special protection under the Major Events Management Act (MEMA). Under MEMA, any unauthorised association with the DHL NZ Lions Series by a business is generally prohibited. This prohibition extends to unauthorised promotional or loyalty card schemes, and by association could extend to businesses that have agreed to participate in a loyalty card scheme, whether or not they have paid to do so. The consequences of breaching MEMA can be serious with breaches for a false association carrying fines of up to $150,000.

Please be mindful that as businesses you have obligations under MEMA. New Zealand Rugby want businesses to enjoy and benefit from the DHL NZ Lions Series, but do not want businesses to suggest they have some association with the Series – whether directly or by participating in third party offerings.

You can find out more about MEMA and what businesses can and can’t do in relation to the upcoming DHL NZ Lions Series at

If you’d like clarification, or have been contacted by Lions Card 2017 contact the Restaurant Association on 0800 737 827.

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