What customers want to know snapshot survey

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This survey was conducted in August 2023.

This survey looked to capture some of the latest dining out trends. This story collates customers burning questions of the moment. The survey covered broad topic content from table sitting times to vegan options, kitchen closing times to ‘snack’ options and main prices.

Key findings:

  • 43% apply time limits on tables
  • 11% have mains priced at $50 or more
  • 58% close the kitchen earlier than pre-Covid
  • 17% price their ‘snack’ options per item


“I’m not sure that customers understand the labour costs attached to meals/table service etc. They do seem to understand the food costs as they are impacted by this in their own supermarket trolley but I think when they look at price increases they fail to realise that it is equal portion food increase and labour.”

“We have increased our prices (10-20% and more for some meat based items) to cover increased food and labour costs.  Customers seem to understand and accept this.”

“Our focus since re-opening post-Covid has been on maximising efficiency, regularly increasing menu prices, incorporating technology and incorporating ‘price conscious options’ into our menu offering.”

Download the “What Customer Want to Know” snapshot survey


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