Reservations & Cancellations snapshot survey

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This poll was conducted in September 2023.

We had heard some anecdotal feedback from members that cancellations and no-shows may be on the rise and this survey sought members feedback on this.

Key findings:

  • 51% have noticed an increase in cancellations over the past 6 months
  • 26% take credit card details for larger groups when they make a reservation
  • 61% say that approximately 5% of bookings per week result in no shows


“My biggest bug bear is the ‘No show’ customer, and the ‘Sorry I am 30mins late. I know you still have my reservation held for me.'”

“We had a very first big group no show of 18 people this week. We charged the people 25% which doesn’t really cover much on a public holiday. We also haven’t heard anything back from them so are very unsure what happened.”

“We have a boutique restaurant. The customers do not always realize we are so small but no shows really impact on us. Especially because we often turn customers away for being full. Holding them to account with a credit card might be the way to go.”

Download the Reservations & Cancellations snapshot survey


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