Remuneration Survey

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The Restaurant Association conducts an annual remuneration survey, collecting comprehensive wage and salary data on job positions in the hospitality industry.

The survey covers more than 100 positions, drawn from more than 700 businesses. Altogether, the organisations participating in the survey employ more than 13,000 people.

Snapshot of 2021 remuneration survey results:

  • From 2020 – 2021 overall hourly wage rates increased by 6.5 per cent (after 1 4.8 per cent increase the year previous).
  • At a glance of the 107 positions which were also surveyed in 2019, 84 achieved increased hourly rates in 2020.
  • These rates include
    • an 11.4 per cent increase for a Head Chef hourly rate
    • wage rises of over 7 per cent for Restaurant Managers and Sous Chefs respectively and
    • an increase of over 5 per cent for Chefs de Partie
    • Maitre D’s increased by a lower rate, 2.7 per cent, although Wait Staff rates increased by just over 5 per cent.
  • Further regional analysis shows
    • a Restaurant Manager in Auckland will earn $29.78/hour on average, $26.84 in Wellington and $25.00 in Bay of Plenty.
    • a Chef de Partie earns $24.46/hour in Northland and $23.71/hour in Nelson, while
    • a Bar Manager earns the highest hourly wage in Waikato / Rotorua ($29.33/hour), $3.15/hour more than the national average hourly rate for this role.

The full remuneration survey results, which allow users to filter by position, type of business and region, can be ordered here, or download a copy of the executive summary here.