Productivity Commission inquiry into economic resilience – snapshot survey

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This poll was conducted in April 2023.

The Government is exploring policy options for enhancing economic resilience – the capacity of industries and communities to anticipate, prepare, absorb, recover and learn from supply chain disruptions. We know that these disruptions are likely to be more frequent. The environment that global supply chains have relied on for decades is being increasingly challenged by emerging geopolitical, environmental, societal, economic, infrastructural and health risks. While Hospitality is somewhat removed from the global supply chain, it is inevitable that our industry is hit by the flow-on effects of supply chain disruption. For example, the war in Ukraine impacted global oil supply, increasing the cost of cooking oil, creating an unforeseen cost which was borne by our members.

This survey sought information from hospitality operators on how global supply chain disruptions have impacted business – as well as ways the Government can prepare responses to these disruptions that support our industry.

Key findings:

  • 96% say they have seen changes in supply chain impacting price and availability of supplies
  • Egg supply and imported goods are listed as the biggest supply chain issues


“Eggs since about October last year has been an absolute nightmare that has only got worse this year. Having weekends where none of your suppliers have any egg products available at all and you’re a cafe means you’re running around supermarkets only allowed to buy 1 or 2 packs at a time when you need probably more than 20 dozen eggs to last the weekend is super stressful. I saw a kfc had no chicken and that’s what I thought was going to happen to us. Sorry we can’t do eggs bene we have no eggs this weekend.”

“We have come to expect supply of any item may be erratic.”

“I cannot push my prices higher, but the inconsistency on prices and supplier are a huge headache for us.”

Download the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Economic Resilience snapshot survey


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