Online snapshot survey: Impact of Covid-19, Level 1

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The Restaurant Association sought member feedback on the impact of Covid-19 in a series of short surveys.

This survey was conducted on 15th June, 2020.

Overall feedback from members indicated a better trading week than at level 2 but with 55 per cent of respondents still indicating lower or significantly lower revenues than the same period last year. Whilst revenues may be down, many are reporting only small falls in foot traffic indicating a drop in average spend per customer.

Key findings:

  • In Canterbury 56 per cent said that trading compared to last year was the same or better which point to the higher number of suburban eateries enjoying increased frequency from those continuing to work locally.
  • In Auckland and the Southern Lakes only 29 per cent and 25 per cent respectively stated that the revenues were the same or better than last year, with 71 per cent of businesses in Auckland and 75 per cent in the Southern Lakes stating that revenues were less or significantly less.
  • Wellington also sees a drop with only 42 per cent reporting equal or greater trading revenues.
  • Member feedback overall indicated customer traffic is around 91-100 per cent customer traffic compared with the same period last year.
  • This is significantly lower for Southern Lakes and Auckland businesses who are reporting a fall in foot traffic, currently sitting at between 41-50 per cent and of 71 to 80 per cent respectively of typical levels.

“There has definitely been a difference in customer bookings at level 1. However, we can’t be certain at the moment we’re only still meeting at about 35-40% of what we need to be doing. Reality will only set in when wage subsidies have dried up.”

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