Online snapshot survey: Temporary changes to skills match reports

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The Restaurant Association sought member feedback on the impact of Covid-19 in a series of short surveys.

This survey was conducted in October 2020.

This survey analyzed current recruitment activity for roles on the over supply list (cafe worker, cook, fast food cook, kitchenhand, waiter).

Key findings:

  • Of those employers who have been recruiting for these roles, 94% indicated that they found to difficult, or extremely difficult to find a suitable candidate.
  • Just under 95% of employers indicated that they had not seen an increase in suitable New Zealanders applying for the roles.

“I don’t believe that the Government or Immigration NZ realise the difficulties we still have finding SKILLED workers for the hospitality industry. There are so many jobs being advertised at restaurants in the region, and from what I’m hearing, no-one is getting many decent applicants.”

“It is extremely difficult to find suitable candidates for specific roles – there are applications but candidates don’t have the right qualification/experience.”

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