Online snapshot survey: Recruitment, head hunting and wages

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This survey was conducted in July 2021.

This survey sought to gather some additional information around recruitment, including ‘head hunting’ occurrences, the living wage and whether higher pay rates are the answer and how operators would adjust your business if you raised wages.

Key findings:

  • 31% say they are experiencing head hunting all the time.
  • 47% say they pay all, or almost all, of their staff the living wage.
  • 58% do not think that offering higher wages would solve the industry’s staffing challenges.

“Offering higher wages would help – but it clearly needs to be sustainable for businesses (so consumers need to be prepared to pay more for menu items).”

“I am working towards paying the Living Wage to all FTers, but not achievable for lesser skilled/experienced part-time staff.”

Online snapshot survey: Feedback on headhunting, recruitment activity, wages and lovehospo

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