Online snapshot survey: Impact of Covid-19, workers on temporary work visas

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The Restaurant Association sought member feedback on the impact of Covid-19 in a series of short surveys.

This survey was conducted on 1 July, 2020.

This survey sought feedback on the current environment around immigration and migrant workers. It is important that we understand the needs of the industry as our industry has always employed a number of staff who are working in New Zealand on temporary work visas. Results of this survey assist the understanding of the current and future requirements for the industry with regards to temporary visa settings.

Key findings:

  • Overall, over the period end of March – end of June (aprox), employee numbers had reduced by 18%. The
    number of employees on temporary work visas and NZ residence visa holders had reduced by 4%
    respectively; NZ citizens had increased by 8%.
  • Although, a number of members commented that it was difficult to predict currently, overall forecasts
    by members are for the total employee pool to reduce further – by 31% from employee numbers as at
    the end of March. Predictions are that NZ citizens will make up 61% of the hospitality workforce by end
    of September (an increase from 51% at the end of March).

“Immigration NZ’s current position of employing New Zealanders is difficult. Many chefs have left the country and not been replaced by returning kiwis. We have a serious crisis looming this summer if they do not allow visa holders to work or transfer employees noted on their visa. Visa applications times are too long. One employee has had an application for partners resident visa for 9 months and it has not even been looked at yet. Her current visa
will expire and she will be forced to leave NZ before they even look at her application.”

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