Online snapshot survey: Impact of Covid-19, level 3 & 2 – February 2021

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The Restaurant Association sought member feedback on the impact of Covid-19 in a series of short surveys.

This survey was conducted on 15 February, 2021

This survey sought feedback on the current Alert Level changes in February 2021 when Auckland levels changed to Level 3 and the rest of New Zealand to Level 2.

Key findings:

  • In Auckland just under 60% of businesses planned to open at Level 3 and 96% in the rest of New Zealand (at Level 2) planned to open.
  • 56% of Auckland business owners indicated that they were devastated by the Level changes. 46% said they were taking it in their stride.

“We are located in the Auckland CBD and had our first decent weeks turnover since reopening in January and are back to square one now.”

“I am just tired after everything last year so resilience is low.”

Feedback on coronavirus 2020_snapshot survey_change to Alert Levels – 14 February 2021

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