Online snapshot survey: Covid-19 vaccination in hospitality September feedback

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This survey was conducted in September 2021.

Key findings:

  • 13% say have implemented a workplace vaccination policy for your employees in their business.
  • 40% say they would consider putting in place a requirement to be vaccinated to work in theur establishment.
  • 42% say once NZ’s vaccination strategy has progressed and more people are vaccinated they would have concerns about unvaccinated customers coming to your premises.
  • 48% would support the introduction of a Covid-19 passport, showing a person has been vaccinated, to be used when a customer enters into hospitality venues and events.

“There needs to be a balance between peoples individual rights and community safety. The unvaccinated are if anything a danger to themselves…let them make that choice. If the vaccine is effective the rest of the population don’t need to worry.”

“Essential for hospitality industry to open up, no more lockdowns. The Covid virus needs to be managed like any other flu or disease.”

“Any steps that keep us able to operate our business whilst there is Covid in the community will be welcomed. government needs to plan for this and put plans in place.”

Online snapshot survey: Covid-19 vaccination feedback_September

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