Online snapshot survey: Cocktail hour

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This survey was conducted in July 2021.

There is a global revival of ‘cocktail hour’ but has this revival reached NZ?

This survey sought to hear feedback from operators on whether they have noticed more people ordering spirits / cocktails these days and if so what are they doing to make the most of this revival?

Key findings:

  • 52% have noticed an increase in customers choosing spirits or cocktails over beer or wine.
  • 48% have recently changed or revamped your beverage menu to include more / different cocktail offerings.

“We do a variety of cocktails of the day featuring locally made spirits wherever possible and house made seasonal syrups. For our customers there seems to be a swing back toward less sweet and more ‘classic’ cocktails. Yay.”

“To keep the cocktail menu fresh, we have encouraged our bar team to come up with new and interesting cocktail ideas that we rotate every 2 weeks.”

Online snapshot survey: Feedback on Cocktail Hour

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