Online snapshot poll – Solo Diners

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This poll was conducted June 2021.

A reported international trend for dine-in businesses is the rise of the solo diner. This poll asked members if they have noticed more people dining ‘table for one’ and how do they cater differently to the solo diner.

Key findings:

  • 30.3% indicated that they had seen a rise in solo diners over the past 2 years.
  • Arrangements provided for solo diners includes: 34% provide specific seating arrangements that cater for solo diners, 12.5% allow adjustments to meal options designed for sharing.

“Solo diners should be placed at a table that if available has a view so they can people watch and enjoy their surroundings. They have chosen to dine out rather than in their accommodation so they should be looked after.”

“Dine more frequently and like to interact which creates a very positive vibe.”

Online Snapshot Poll – Solo Diners – June 2021

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