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Te Reo in the Workplace with Anton Matthews

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Restaurant Association professional development programme webinar

Presented by Anton Matthews, Hustle Group

Anton Matthews is a father first and foremost, a husband, an entrepreneur and a passionate advocate for anything te reo Māori. As the Owner and Managing Director of Hustle Group, Anton wears many different hats. But he will always proudly point out that hospitality is where it all began for Hustle Group.

This workshop will cover some basic reo Māori, as well as some practical ways we can begin to normalise te reo Māori in our businesses. It doesn’t have to be all in or nothing, in fact, just a simple ‘kia ora’ when greeting a guest or answering the phone can go a long way.

So please join us for a relaxed and educational workshop on how we can all begin to weave te reo Māori into our businesses, and do our bit to raise the status of the language and normalise it within our industry.

Webinar Duration: 1 Hour

Original Recording Date:  10 August 2021

free! members

$74.75 non-members