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Archive report: 2016 Hospitality industry remuneration survey

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Employers need up to date information of remuneration and conditions of employment to assist with:

  • Recruitment of staff
  • Retention of existing staff
  • Budgeting for future labour costs
  • Comparison of remuneration with other geographic areas

In June / July 2016 the Restaurant Association conducted the latest hospitality industry remuneration survey. The Restaurant Association remuneration survey has been running for eighteen years, collecting comprehensive wage and salary data on job positions in the hospitality industry. The survey covers more than 100 positions, drawn from almost 700 businesses. Altogether, the organisations participating in the survey employ more than 10,000 people.

Key insights:

  • The 2016 remuneration survey indicates that overall hourly wage rates increased by 6 per cent over the two year period 2014 – 2016.
  • At a glance of the 102 positions which were surveyed, 35 saw increased hourly rates in 2016. 21 of those positions had an increase in excess of 5 per cent over the two year period.
  • Hourly wage rate increases ranged from 2 per cent (across several positions, including chef de partie, commis chef, executive chef) up to a 22 per cent increase for a wine waiter.
  • The head chef position increased 6 per cent in this survey (hourly wage) and waiters and sommeliers also saw a 6 per cent wage increase.
  • Restaurant managers received a 12 per cent increase in their hourly rate.

The hospitality industry remuneration survey is provided electronically and can be analysed by position, regionally and by type of business to enable business owners to drill down the results to suit their business type and location.